TrainStation 2 – General Currencies Guide

Guide to General Currencies


XP is a basic value which measures your game progress. For each level, a certain amount of XP is required. You can check your XP balance by clicking on the level number icon in the upper left side of your game screen, e.g. level 332 below.

Every job in your Job List contains XP, except when you have reached level X99 and you cannot go any higher until a new region has been added. When you complete a job, you will receive the stated amount of XP.


Keys are used to buy train containers in your shop. Most jobs in your Job List will reward you with keys upon completion of the delivery. You can also get keys from whistles, Redeem Codes, the Daily Bonus Train, and from leveling up. Additionally, you can get keys during major events from the event shop, the free rewards ribbon, and the Event Pass.


Gems are the premium currency in TrainStation 2. They are valuable for a number of uses and are obtained from multiple sources. Because they are so valuable, you can turn on Gem Confirmation in your game settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right side of your game screen. This will prevent you from inadvertently spending gems.

You can use your gems to upgrade your station factories, speed up production times in your factories, speed up the deliver times of your trains, speed up the ship trades, purchase missing components for your building upgrades, or speed up the time period to discard building upgrades. In your shop, you can use gems to purchase temporary dispatchers as well as a permanent dispatcher at set levels, buy parts boxes or specific train parts or specific containers in the Daily Offers, buy a supreme container or big box of parts in the Trains section, or buy gold coins.

Gems are obtained in a number of ways. These include rewards for completing certain storyline/gold top jobs, watching random ads in your station, every fifth Ship Trade, from Redeem Codes, from the Daily Bonus Train, from leveling up, from your Achievements, and from HQ promotions. During major events, gems are available from the rewards ribbon and from buying the Event Pass with real money. Gems are available for purchase in your shop in the Gems section and sometimes in the Sale section. They are also available for free for either playing various games or participating in a survey (for iOS devices).

This screenshot shows an example of the gems rewarded from every 5th ship trade. The rewards would be doubled by watching a short ad video.

TrainStation 2 is playable and enjoyable without spending any real money. However, to support the game, a gem or other purchases help keep the game around for a long time!


Each region has a gold destination where you can collect gold with your trains. Every region provides a higher amount of gold than the previous region. Gold is available for collection every 4 hours. You can also get gold as a reward from the occasional storyline/gold top jobs, from Ship Trades, from Redeem Codes, from the Daily Bonus Train, and as a reward from leveling up. During major events, you can get gold from the event shop and the rewards ribbon. Gold is not included in the Event Pass items. In your shop, you can buy gold using gems in the Coins section. Gold might be available for double the normal amount. This feature has been available once, and Pixel Federation might offer this opportunity again.

You can use your gold to upgrade your trains along with some train parts. The higher your train capacity, the more gold and parts that are required. You can upgrade your warehouse capacity with gold, although this action will be phased out at some point and replaced with a new system. You can also purchase train parts in the Daily Offers section of your shop.

This screenshot collage shows the amounts of gold available for collection every 4 hours in regions 1-6. Since each region has its own “gold multiplier” applied to the one train, you can see the advantage of having a fully maxed out event legendary train to collect your gold.

Train Parts





These train parts are used to upgrade the capacity of your trains. You get one free spin in the Trains section of your shop every four hours. The free spin is a roulette style mechanism and has the following rarity drop chance:

  • Common 60%
  • Rare 20%
  • Epic 15%
  • Legendary 5%

The amount of the various parts increase with every region as train upgrades require a higher amount of parts in each successive region. You get one additional spin every four hours in your shop from watching a short ad video.

Train parts are available in the Daily Offers section of your shop. The rarity of the parts change daily. The 7-day rotation is: Common, Rare, Epic, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary. You get a set amount of parts simply from watching a short ad video, a larger amount of parts for gold, and a much larger amount of parts for gems. You can also buy a random small box of parts for gold or a big box of parts for gems. The parts boxes have the same rarity drop chance as the free spins detailed above.

Additional train parts are available from whistles, Redeem Codes, and sometimes rewarded as prizes from certain mini competitions such as Train Tycoon or Delivery Challenge competitions. During major events, specific rarity of train parts are available for purchase with themed event keys in the event shop. You can also use themed event coins to purchase parts boxes. Train parts are included in the rewards ribbon and Event Pass. Finally, you can get them from selling/dismantling one or more of your duplicate trains in your depot. Event trains and the Last Type of a container train cannot be sold/dismantled.

Every train upgrade will require a set amount of common train parts along with a set amount of matching rarity parts and gold. For example, if you are upgrading an Epic train, you will need common parts, epic parts, and some gold. Train upgrades will become more expensive in both parts and gold when you reach new regions.

This screenshot shows the roulette style free parts spin that is available every 4 hours. These amounts are for Region 6/Russia. Your region would have more or less than this example, depending upon your highest region.


These appear randomly in your station. Clicking on a whistle will provide a small reward, which can be a raw material, a factory produced item, train parts, keys, gold, gems, or themed event keys during event periods. There are occasional blue “play” buttons that will appear in your station along with the whistles. These will provide a small amount of gems after watching a short ad video. The whistles will remain visible in your station until you click on them. The blue play button will disappear after a short period of time.


Population is needed to upgrade the capacity of your warehouse. You can increase the population of your city by purchasing buildings and upgrading them.

This screenshot shows the current population. The second number indicates the amount of population needed for the next warehouse upgrade, which indicates that there is more than enough to get at least several upgrades. The bottom portion shows the current city plans inventory.

Temporary Currencies – Event Keys and Coins

Each event provides new temporary currencies that are specific to only that event. These include special themed keys and themed coins. These temporary currency will remain in the game during the length of the event.

Event themed keys are mainly obtained from completing event jobs, but also available from clicking on random whistles and from random Redeem Codes. You can spend them on a variety of items in your event shop. The rewards that you purchase with your event keys are permanent and will remain after the event ends. Any trains that are purchased from the event shop will remain in your highest region at the time that you get them. Event trains have a higher capacity than regular trains and are highly sought after.

Event themed coins are mainly obtained from your competition rewards, but can also be a reward for watching a short ad video or from Redeem Codes. You can spend them in the event shop to obtain an event legendary train, big boxes of train parts, or regular gold coins.

Your event keys and coins are used to buy items in the event shop. The unique trains purchased will remain in your highest region at the time that they are purchased. The costs in keys or coins are fixed and are the same for all players. With the gold and train parts, the amount that you can get of each will vary depending on your current highest region. This stitched screenshot of an event shop reflects the values available to players in Region 6/Russia.

Your temporary currencies will be removed by Pixel Federation at the conclusion of the event end period/grace period. All trains, event buildings, gold, or train parts that you purchased with your event keys or coins, as well as everything from the rewards ribbon and Event Pass if you bought it, are yours to keep.

Temporary Currencies – EP (Event Points)

Event points are earned by completing delivery of event jobs. They represent your score in the various event competitions. They are the mechanism that releases every reward in the event rewards ribbon. The various rewards are available when you have achieved each required EP. You can double some of the rewards by watching a short ad video. If you purchase the Event Pass, you can collect those rewards when you have reached the required EP amount, and you no longer have to watch the videos to double your free rewards.

PP (Prestige Points)

Prestige points are available once you have reached the maximum level in the game. They are part of the Prestige Feature.

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