Captain of Industry – FAQ

Some information for new players into the Captain of Industries game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does building input/output is oppsite with another building?

  • You can flip some building for better position.

Why my steam generator’s water supply keep overload with cooling tower?

  • You can use balance to make cooled water go first.

When mining, why dirt and rock keep falling?

  • Dirt has 3 rock 7 you need to nail the dirt with some retaining wall which will hold about 5 high.

Why mining truck sometimes only delivery 1 dirt to dump?

  • Because the excavator only mine 1. You can put some loose storage next to tower so it can comes back quickly.

And then neatly one is full but nobody move it to the furnace?

  • You need to set near one empty or target one full. But empty means no transport in.So using advance logistics control and connect tower to nearest one and make some out with it. Remember any connection make resources inside the storage won’t be able to take in or out with global trucks, only connected storage and assigned truck can

Why truck still take 1 dirt into dumping?

  • Storage delete’s order or you need to turn off “Allow partially loaded trucks” in global truck tag (Top left no.5).

Why does truck dump waste everywhere?

  • Also the truck tag unset the waste, make a tower with dumping side in its range and preset the tower allow dump waste. Later it can be mine and dump.

I didn’t out of diesel,why does my truck run out of it?

  • Don’t set all your diesel storage into full,truck won’t take as usable. It only before buildings the fuel station.

What does lab has output?

  • It has recycles, just later.

Why does excavator won’t fuel itself anymore?

  • Because fuel station can deliver for it, assign some truck!

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