Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters – Status Effect List

I got tired of trying to remember what every status effect does exactly, and I found nothing searching online since google is all click-bait trash these days, so I made this.

List of Status Effects

All credit goes to Orthopraxis!

General Notes and Nomenclature

This page has general notes / thoughts / terms that apply broadly.

  • Afflictions section is things classified as such, where Afflictions = debuffs.
  • Boons section is things classified as Boons, where Boons = buffs.

Various terms

  • Purge: Remove buffs.
  • Purify/Purification: Removes Afflictions.
  • Resistance: Ability to resist afflictions.
  • Focus: Increases the % chance of your knights to trigger Afflictions and Autos (My Note: This a flat percentage increase, so “10% Focus” will turn a “50% chance to trigger” into a “60% chance to trigger”

Boons – Positive Effects / Buffs

Enemy Boons

  • Vile Effluence: +2 Melee Damage

Afflictions – Negative Effects / Debuffs


  • Blinded: Afflicted target deals -X with their Ranged Attacks
  • Crazed: Afflicted targets will randomly attack their allies.
  • Dominated: Afflicted targets will attack it’s allies.
  • Plagued: Afflicted target suffers X damage per turn.
  • Enraged: Forces the Afflicted to attack the caster.


  • Weakened: Afflicted target deals -X DMG with their melee attacks.
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