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Gameplay Tips

I won’t say they’re all new, but some are more emphasized than others as I’ve played through this new update.

Trucks care much more deeply about push than pull. That means they care a lot more about removing from storage than they do about keeping things in stock. I’ve had to dedicate a small handful of trucks to industries I never did before. This includes: Rubber, outlier fuel storage for fuel stations, and one SPECIFIC coal hauler for desalination. This is inconsistent and requires attention.

My Copper and Rubber arrive roughly the same distance and land at the same place, but have amazingly different response times. Different desalination plants are amazingly inconsistent in their coal enthusiasm, and distance from source doesn’t seem to matter.

Use more Mining Towers: Once you’ve got Advance Logistics, you have a decent baseline for how the trucks will behave with your excavators. A general rule I’ve used is 1:2 in the middle of the mine for Excavator:Truck ratios. One traveling, One loading. It occasionally misfires but usually works.

What I’ve seen is while this is working just fine for the 3 Copper/3 Iron/1 Sand/1 Limestone, it starts to fall apart for the 5+ Coal. For serious terraforming it’s a crapshoot. At 4 excavators, build another mining tower. They’re cheap.

The Research Ratios are excellent for faster play for experienced players… depending on the map. I’m currently bound by the map itself and how fast I can make the machines move and how well I can use the space available. An actual game, it’s quite nice. If I’m dawdling… it’s cause I’m letting it dawdle out of laziness. Dragging the Tier 3 research into an actual decision of “build more, or research more” is a nice choice, and should eventually make for an interesting speed run.

There are a number of small, highly aggravating components regarding Blueprints:

  • 1) Let me re-paste an existing blueprint. Give me 3 triple checks to make sure I really mean it, but I write a lot of notes in there and copy/paste doesn’t always behave well. All I needed to do was remove a single square of pipe because it didn’t work as part of stage 3 of the design.
  • 2) Get rid of the locks on blueprints. There are a few options here. Add a red outline of buildings you just don’t have while placing it so you know what you’re not getting. Don’t allow the recipe to drop if you don’t have it (which you already do). Give me an option to put in a red level III pipe even if I don’t have the tech for it yet. I want to drop a blueprint for what I’m going to do, not just what I have right now. This will tremendously ease replayability. .. yes it will also over-simplify the life of new players who go blueprint raiding and skip half the game. That’s their choice. I’m worried about those of us who are already a few hundred hours in. If they don’t want to actually play the game, that’s their problem.
  • 3) Make blueprints less grumpy about stacking. Refinery is a key item here. You stack layer after layer of design after design on top of it. Make it less finicky about the junctions, or try to let it help plug them in. Having to reset the design a few times, for each layer, is aggravating to pre-build the junctions for layer 1 so layer 2 can actually just plug in.
  • 4) Holy mother of… I swear if I can’t re-organize the bloody things inside the folder I’m going to light the folder on fire. The number of times I’ve ripped everything OUT of the folder then put it back in because it’s sorted by order of insertion is amazingly frustrating.
  • 5) Give us some help with the city components. Slow dragging your stuff along the city walls to find the green spot is annoying. We already built it once… or a few times, as these things actually go. It’s particularly annoying to find out you flipped the water facility and it just won’t go ANYWHERE now… until you flip it again.

Leveling is the bomb. Use wisely.

Finally got used to multiple loads on the trucks. It should NOT be available until Advanced Logistics are, which is where it becomes more powerful and does what it needs to do. It causes WAY too many headaches in early game. It also needs to be an option on the Mining Tower for those of us doing terraforming and doing distance runs to long distance dump zones, and don’t want to overwhelm the primary system because of the existing logistics issues.

Sand works quite well as intended. Thank you. However, the trade off of manpower and power for mechanical sand seems quite high if you don’t want to lay into your early sand for concrete in early game. Nope, don’t have a fix, just an observation.

Rolling Hills sucks. Yes, they’re pretty. They’re highly annoying, require way too many early game tiny excavators and trucks to deal with, and it sucks. Reviewing the maps it seems like they were purposely stuck in the places where trees weren’t, so no matter what you do there’s crap in the way. Other than Insular Mortis, where if you’re not dumping you’re dying, there’s no reason to have /that/ much early game dirt. I hope these are reviewed.

New Players: If you have more than 2 Brick Makers, you’re not trading enough wood, or you should be full steam making concrete by then. Bank Concrete blocks when you’re overwhelmed with wood for when you crack the research.

Is it me or did pollution get a bit more gruesome this update? 4 points of landfill should not be enough to tip the scales, this was most water pollution. I was getting HAMMERED until I got wastewater up.

The uptip in additional trucks is nice… unexpected result? You need more diesel. Wasn’t prepared for that, figured it was ratio’d in. It’s not. You max yourself out, you did it to yourself.

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