Champions Online – Baron Cimitiere Guide (Therakiel’s Temple Third Boss)

Guide to Baron Cimitiere Boss

Baron Mechanics

Baron creates Hallowed Ground which means Resurrection and Self-Resurrection does not work.

  • Transcendence and consumable resurrections work.

Baron spawns an endless wave of adds which must be constantly taken care of.

  • Adds target the healer at all times and must be dealt with immediately by DPS.

Baron says Come Closer or Keep Your Distance, do the opposite or die.

  • During his Block Phase he reflects damage.

Baron has a Ranged Combo and a Knockback Blast and high damage but no AOE so everywhere is safe around him.

Baron curses a player and spawns green curse circles on the ground that curse anyone standing within them.

  • When cursed, the player must type C in the chat for the healer to see and move away from others until the curse breaks.
  • The curse renders the player unable to act but they can move.
  • Standing near others when the curse breaks can kill players, so do not.

At one third HP remaining Baron calls in an army of Congo adds, which are mini-boss level mobs and must be dealt with.

Baron Notes

  • Focus on keeping the healer safe.
  • Kill adds as soon as possible.
  • Pay attention to Baron.
  • Move away with curse and type C.
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