Champions Online – Valerian Scarlet Guide (Therakiel’s Temple First Boss)

Guide to Valerian Scarlet Boss

Valerian Scarlet Mechanics

Valerian Scarlet runs from the tank if the tank gets in melee range.

Because of this, a careful approach or a ranged tank is required. The Tank has to learn when they can engage her and build aggro. Going down the steps of her exit under the ledge can pull her closer if she ran too far away. The Tank has to turn her away from the Team.

Valerian Scarlet Spawns Sigils and Adds.

These must be killed -immediately- by DPS or they kill the healer and wipe the team. She also puts a Fire Circle on a party member. That party member must move away from others and block. She also has a cone AOE version of Skarn’s Bane that can kill anyone that is not the tank in a mere second.

At two thirds HP she will teleport to the middle of the room and can be engaged in melee by the Tank.

  • She will say “The light consumes you” and begin to channel a beam on the tank.
  • Consuming Light builds Yellow Stacks per stack unblocked that increases damage.
  • Consuming Light builds Green Stacks per stack blocked that reduces the effectiveness of Blocking.
  • At Five Green Stacks you can no longer block.
  • Tank must manage stacks accordingly to be able to block the Kaboom attack that is coming afterwards.

At one third HP she will teleport back up to the ledge and begin to channel Consuming Light again.

More adds and sigils will spawn in this phase as well.

When almost defeated (at 300k HP), Valerian will teleport back to the middle of the room and spawn Seals on the ground.

These are instant kill seals and must be moved out of as the team proceeds to burn her remaining HP down.

Valerian Scarlet Notes

  • She’s the easiest fight by far.
  • Teams that cannot pass this fight have no chance of fighting the rest of the bosses.
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