Cities: Skylines II – How to Make Money

Useful Tips for Profit

A few tips from me now that I’ve rebuild my city from scratch:

  • Connect your power grid to the outside to sell all electricity surplus. This is more cost-effective than cutting the electricity-service budget.
  • When the tab ‘taxes’ becomes available to you, increase the tax for both commercial and industry until (1) your city’s “need” for both isn’t off the charts and (2) neither is complaining about a lack of customers/income. For me, this was 20% for commercial and 18% for industry. I have to tweak it on occasion.
  • When the ‘services’ tab becomes available, minimize all other services except for education (and power) so that they barely cover your needs, and only increase their budget as needed.
  • Build specialized industries such as livestock, rock, timber, etc as soon as you can. Build enough of them to generate a good if not excellent surplus. The reason is that any materials you don’t produce within the city need to be imported, which is more expensive. At the same time, exported materials generate wealth. (The city hall and bank which you can unlock at a later stage decrease the cost of import and enhance the profits from export, but these two buildings won’t be worth your while for quite some time.)
  • Don’t build a waste processing plant until you have to. Recycling is just too expensive until the rest of your city generates an ample surplus. Before that point, use the incinerator.
  • Don’t bother with public transport until your traffic really gets stuck. The traffic in CS2 is nowhere near as bad as CS1. With the way things are going, I doubt I’m going to need any type of public transport until I hit 20k pop.
  • Charge fees for parking on the roadside (, and make the parking lots slightly cheaper if you get tired of too many cars on your streets.)
  • If you’re having trouble getting an office district up and running, drop the tax for office districts to zero.

Hope these tips help. They got my new save to a 2k-4k hourly surplus whereas my old save was 3k-6k in the negative.

Written by Booted Builds

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