Citizen Sleeper – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Who made the game?

  • Citizen Sleeper was developed by Jump Over The Age, and features character art by French comic book artist and illustrator, Guillaume Singelin and a soundtrack by Amos Roddy.

How many people made the game?

  • One! Jump Over The Age is a solo developer, who is also known as Gareth Damian Martin. Gareth did pretty much everything om the game, except the character art and the music.

How long is a playthrough?

  • It depends on a few factors, but the average should take 6-8 hours.

Is there replayability?

  • Yes, there are story threads, outcomes and endings that you will not be able to see in one playthrough.

Will you localise the game in X language?

  • Citizen Sleeper is an extremely text-heavy game. Whilst we have no news to share at the time of launch, we will be assessing the viability of language localisation in the coming weeks.

Can you buy the soundtrack?

  • Yes, the soundtrack is available to buy here on Steam , or over on Bandcamp. It’s also available to stream on Spotify.

I love the art, where can I find more?

  • The Art of Citizen Sleeper is available for sale here on Steam! Guillaume Singelin also has a number of published works available.

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