Clownfield 2042 – MLG Weapon Guide

A small guide about the current meta of our favourite fps that’s better than BF2042. Hope you like.

Guide to MLG Weapon

The Meta

The Two OP Guns

The two best guns in the current meta of Clownfield are the MP5 smg and M3 shotgun. They are both good for different purposes and both absolutely ♥♥♥♥ on other players.


The MP5 is an effective weapon because of it’s relatively good reload time, accuracy, and sexiness. The MP5 doesn’t take up a large portion of the screen and is just a fantastic all-arounder weapon.

This gun is mostly good at close range because of it’s hip fire, just spray and pray people.


The M3 is the juiciest gun in the game if you know how to use it. It can literally one-shot anyone from pretty much any range if you have decent aim. It is effective at ANY range which makes it a better sniper than an actual sniper, so in a nutshell it’s completely broken. It has pretty reasonable hip fire too.

The only disadvantage of this weapon is the annoying reload time, but it is a shotgun and is crazy op so it makes sense.

Scope 1 is my preferred sight for this gun, but that’s just a preference and you can figure out your favourite yourself.

This gun is super mlg.


Run the MP5 for close quarters maps, and the M3 for open maps. They are both great weapons and would totally reccommend.

I wish you plentiful pickings on the clownfield my fellow no-clowns and hope that you put this information to good use.

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