Vampire Survivors – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to complete all of the achievements in Vampire Survivors, as well as general gameplay advice.

How to Obtain All Achievements


Most achievements in this game are intuitive and will happen very naturally as you play. I am writing this just to help anyone having any trouble with any of the achievements, or for strategies on the few which are not as intuitive. I will also include a few general tips for play below.

Remember achievements do not unlock when you first get them but instead when you complete the run. To unlock new items in the game, the name of each achievement is what you unlock by completing the achievement in most circumstances.

In structure for this guide, sections will be as follows:

  • Less intuitive achievements and a strategy for completing them.
  • Easy achievements with their listed requirements
  • Some tips for play for anyone who is having some trouble.

Less Intuitive Achievements

Stone Mask

“Find a Stone Mask.” On Inlaid Library, from the start run to the right while hugging the top wall. After a couple of minutes you will see a mask sitting in an alcove. Pick this up and complete the run and you will get the achievement. Also worth noting, if you run left from the start, you can instead find an Empty Tome drop.


“Unite Ebony Wings and Peachone.”

  • First you have to unlock Peachone by surviving 10 minutes with any character.
  • Take Peachone in a subsequent run and reach level 7 with it to unlock Ebony Wings.
  • In yet another subsequent run, take Peachone and Ebony Wings and reach max level with both.
  • After both are at max level, find a chest from an elite monster and you have a high chance of getting Vandalier, which will look like a neon dove which can be continued to be upgraded. Once you select this and finish the run, you will get the achievement.

It is worth noting that Peachone and Ebony WIngs are not particularly strong or reliable at first, so it may be good to rely on other items for your early game and upgrade these later. Generally I will try to establish my early game setup with a couple of reliable weapons, and then take Peachone and Ebony wings at level 1 when offered. I will leave them at level 1 as long as I can unless I don’t want either of the other items offered at level up. Near the end of the run, you will find them leveling up from not wanting to take other items, from chests, and when you don’t have any other option. High level Peachone and Ebony Wings are perfectly functional, but Vandalier can be extremely powerful and help with the end-game run.


“Evolve and unite Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight The Sparrow.”

  • First you have to get the Milky Way Map in the Dairy Plant.
  • Second, unlock Pugnala by opening the coffin in Mad Forest using the Milky Way Map to go to the question mark.
  • Third, survive with Pugnala for 15 minutes to unlock Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight The Sparrow.
  • If you haven’t already, you also have to survive for 20 minutes with Krochi Freetto to unlock Tiragisu.
  • In a match, get Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight the Sparrow and get both to level 8. Also grab Tiragisu, though the levl doesn’t matter. Once you have all these, pick up chests and you can evolve Phieraggi.

Green Acres

Unlock Hyper Mode for 2 stages. You can do this by just beating runs on the maps. For tips that make it easier to beat runs, read the last section on general tips.

Suor Clerici

Recover a total of 1,000 HP. To get this achievement while healing, you have to heal while injured. Eating 100,000 floor chickens will not matter if you are at full health from my own tests. If anyone finds this not to be correct, let me know and I’ll revise.

The easiest way I found to do this is to start the map with Antonio to guarantee the whip. Over the course of the run, the important items to get are Hollow Heart, Pummarola, and armor (but this is less important). It is helpful to have the power-ups for recovery, max health, and armor as well. Notably, you do NOT want to take Garlic, the King Bible, or Laurel for this.

At the very start of the run, work on upgrading the whip while regularly running into enemies to hurt yourself down to 50-75% health. Whenever you find chicken, hurt yourself before eating it. The health recovery powerup and Pummarola when you find it will help provide passive recovery throughout. As soon as you are able to, get Whip to level 8 and Hollow Heart so you can get the evolved whip (Bloody Tear). This provides life steal and good damage. Armor will help with controlling the damage you take throughout so you don’t accidentally die later while hurting yourself.

Otherwise, fill the remainder of your slots with good weapons that are not Garlic (which kills weaker enemies too fast and pushes enemies away) and Laurel (which provides invincibility). In my run I used Axe (which unfortunately I could not get Candelabrador to evolve), Spinach, Holy Wand (Magic Wand + Empty Tome), Heaven Sword (Cross + Clover), and Vandalier (Peachone + Ebony Wings), and Duplicator ring, and Lancet (Which helped quite a bit at the very end). I didn’t have armor.

At the end of the run if you are still alive around 28 – 29 minutes, most enemies will be dropping red gems and you will be getting rapid upgrades. WIth a max level Hollow Heart, Pummarola, Bloody Tear, recovery and armor power ups, you will be able to run over the enemies to bring yourself to half health easily and get rapid level ups at which point you can buy floor chicken for health (Assuming everything is max level). The achievement is really easy to get with this combination, and the ending was surprisingly easy.


Earn 5,000 coins in a single run. To do this, the simplest way is to buy the greed powerup to 5 points before starting your run. Start the run on Inlaid Library (I always recommend Hyper, since it just feels better to me), and run to the right to get the Stone Mask. If you then win the run (Read the general tips section below for tips on this) you will get around 8,000 – 13,000 gold. This is also a great way to farm for gold for power-ups.

Milky Way Map

You unlock the Dairy Plant by reaching level 40 on the Inlaid Library Map. When you start the Dairy Plant, there will be a green arrow on your screen. Go to the green arrow and you will find a map you can access by pressing escape in the game, which also shows you where items are. It is highly recommended you get this achievement before you try the Coffin: Dairy Plant achievement. The run to the map is a fair ways away so if you want to win the run it is advisable to level up some at first. You can just beeline straight for the map though, end the run and start a new one as well.

Coffin: Dairy Plant

Once you have the Milky Way Map, open the map on the Dairy Plant and there will be a question mark on the screen southeast of the start. It is recommended you level up before going there since there will be some enemies which spawn which are difficult at the start. Once you’re comfortable with your damage, go to the question mark. There will be a coffin, and once you go near it a ring of knights will appear. Kill them and step onto the coffin and you will unlock the Poppea character and the achievement.

Coffin: Mad Forest

With the Milky Way Map, open Mad Forest and there will be a question mark on the map. Level once again, fight the enemies at the coffin and step on it just like Dairy Plant. This will unlock Pugnala and the achievement.

Il Molise

Get hyper mode on three different maps. You get hyper mode for surviving 30 minutes on a map.

Empty Tome

This one is fairly intuitive, but I want to provide a list of weapons (not including evolutions):

  • Whip
  • Magic Wand
  • Knife
  • Axe
  • Cross
  • King Bible
  • Fire Wand
  • Garlic
  • Peachone
  • Ebony Wings
  • Santa Water
  • Runetracer
  • Lightning Ring
  • Song of Mana

Evolving Weapons

Every weapon evolution is an achievement. Evolving weapons happens by combining a max level weapon with any level of a specific secondary support item. In order to get the evolution, you ahve to be at least 10 minutes into a run. The combinations of items are as follows:

  • Bloody Tear – Whip + Hollow Heart
  • Holy Wand – Magic Wand + Empty Tome
  • Thousand Edge – Knife + Bracer
  • Death Spiral – Axe + Candelabrador
  • Heaven Sword – Cross + Clover
  • Unholy Vespers – King Bible + Spellbinder
  • Hellfire – Fire Wand + Spinach
  • Soul Eater – Garlic + Pummarola
  • La Borra – Santa Water + Attraction Orb
  • Thunder Loop – Lightning Ring + Duplicator
  • Mannajja – Song of Mana (Poppea starting weapon) + Skull O’Maniac
  • Gorgeous Moon – Pentagram + Crown
  • Phieraggi – Phiera Der Tuphello + Eight The Sparrow + Tiragisu

Intuitive / Easy Achivements

Leveling Up

  • Wings – Reach level 5 on Wings
  • Crown – Reach level 10 on Crown
  • Arca – Reach level 4 on Fire Wand
  • Bracer – Reach level 4 on Holy Book (Presumably King Bible)
  • Candelabrador – Reach level 4 on Holy Water
  • Porta – Reach level 4 on Lightning Ring
  • Duplicator – Get level 7 on Magic Wand
  • Ebony Wings – Get level 7 on Peachone (Also part of the Vandalier achievement above)
  • Spellbinder – Get level 7 with Runetracer
  • Poe Ratcho – Get level 7 with Garlic
  • Christine – Get level 7 with Pentagram
  • Reroll – Get level 100 with Mortaccio
  • Reroll 2 – Get level 100 with Yatta Cavallo
  • Dairy Plant – Get level 40 in the Inlaid Library map


  • Hollow Heart – Survive 1 minute with any character
  • Runetracer – Survive 5 minutes with Pasqualina
  • Peachone – Survive 10 minutes with any character (Also part of the Ebony Wings and Vandalier achievements above)
  • Pentagram – Survive 20 minutes with any character
  • Pummarola – Survive 5 minutes with Gennaro
  • Inlaid Library – Reach level 20 in the Mad Forest
  • Tiragisú – Survive 20 minutes with Krochi – Note you have to defeat 100,000 enemies to unlock Krochi
  • Skip – Survive 30 minutes on Green Acres
  • Lama – Survive 20 minutes with at least +10% Curse (Purchase one curse in the store)
  • Skull O’Maniac – Survive 30 minutes with Lama
  • Song of Mana – Survive 15 minutes with Poppea
  • Skip 2 – Survive 15 minutes on Molise
  • Phiera Der Tuphello – Survive 10 minutes with Pugnaia.
  • Eight The Sparrow – Like the above, survive with Pugnaia… But for an additional 5 minutes now! (15 minutes total).

From Drops

For all of these, just destroy light sources and pick up whatever you find and you will have them in no time.

  • Fire Wand – Destroy 20 light sources
  • Garlic – Find 5 floor chickens
  • Clover – Find a little clover
  • Magnet – Find a vacuum (attraction orb)
  • Lancet – Find an orologion (ice drop)
  • Cross – Find a rosary (Destruction drop)

From Kills

  • Lightning Ring – Defeat a total of 500 enemies
  • Mortaccio – Defeat a total of 3000 skeletons
  • Hyper Mad Forest – Defeat the giant Blue Venus boss in the Mad Forest
  • Hyper Inlaid Library – Defeat the Nesuferit in the Inlaid Library
  • Krochi – Defeat a total of 100,000 enemies
  • Yatta Cavallo – Defeat a total of 3,000 Lion Heads. Lion Heads are found in Inlaid Library, and this achievement only took me one run to complete.
  • Hyper Dairy Plant – Defeat the Sword Guardian in the Dairy Plant. I am not sure which enemy is the sword guardian at this point, but I assume it is a boss which looks like a larger version of the metal knight. I know after one run, I had the achievement so it should come naturally.

This is the Lion Head you have to kill a bunch of. They spawn first around 11 minutes, again around 18 minutes.


  • Banish 1 – Simply unlock a bunch of stuff and after 50 items are put into the collection, you’re good.

General Tips

  • Different items will respond to different challenges throughout a run. There are many good combinations, but you need to consider survivability / push-back, AOE damage, and high directional damage / path-making.
  • Early on, having a weapon which you have decent control over or has homing in order to get experience fast is good. Notably Garlic, King Bible, Whip, Magic Wand, Cross, and arguably Fire Wand are all good for this.
  • High damage is king in this game. You need to be able to kill to get experience to progress, so don’t rely on being too defensive.
  • Specific challenges in the game happen based on time. At 5 minutes and 10 minutes you will always be hit with a wave with a boss, with your character also being surrounded in the forest. You can plan for these by destroying light sources and if you find temporary buffs like Rosary (Destoys everything), Nduja Fritta (Shooting fire), and Orologion (Freezes all enemies for 10 seconds), you can save the items on the ground as they have no cool-down. When the event happens and the time is right, you can pick the item up to clear it easily.
  • You can control the RNG on what items are offered to a degree. Throughout a run, you only get 12 slots to put items into. If you pick up an item (for example, the Whip), you are more likely to be offered this item in the future. That means if you get Whip as your weapon and you level it up to 4, and then see another good item you want (for example, Spinach) which is new, it makes sense to grab the Spinach while it is new because you know you will continue to be offered Whip in the future. The only exception to this is if it is a matter of life and death on getting Whip upgraded quickly. It also means that if you save some extra slots and work on upgrading what you have early on, you can give yourself more item options you see since often you can just continue to upgrade items you already have and wait until you find new items you really do want.
  • Plan what items you want early on. If you pick up a weapon, consider what accessory item pairs with it for evolving it and seek that item out.
  • Remember sometimes moving slow or not moving is preferable to moving around too much. Items like Unholy Vespers (evolved King Bible) push enemies back at a specific point, and running around can let enemies come into that circle easier. Use your best judgment but movement choices are not one-size-fit-all.
  • Some items are not as good at low levels or early in the game. Clock lancet is one item that is underwhelming when you first pick it up, but can make or break a run around minutes 28 – 30 at a higher level. Clock lancet will freeze whole areas of enemies which you can then run over in order to escape being closed-in.

In my experience, the different weapons are good for the following situations:

  • Whip / Bloody Tear: Focused damage / clearing paths
  • Magic Wand / Holy Wand: Focused damage to an extent, but also great for keeping enemies away once evolved.
  • Fire Wand / Hellfire: Focused damage, but harder to control and plan for.
  • Garlic / Soul Eater: AOE and survivability. Probably the easiest way to get farther in a run if you’re having trouble is garlic, as the pushback and AOE can be great, especially paired with Candelabrador for area. Near the end of a run, it isn’t quite enough. I personally find the evolved form to be underwhelming, as it increases damage if you are hurt and heals you over time, but in most cases if you are being hurt at the end of a run you will die no matter what.
  • Knife / Thousand Edge: At higher levels (5+ and Thousand Edge), the focused damage and path-making is amazing.
  • Axe / Death Spiral: As of the update on 1/30/2022, Axe is a really strong focused damage dealer directly above the player. Death Spiral turns the axe into better AOE damage as it shoots out in every direction.
  • Cross / Heaven Sword: Focused damage, but harder to control. It can help keep enemies away though.
  • Peachone / Ebony Wings: Sort of targeted damage, but it isn’t controllable or high. It doesn’t really fit any of the categories until they are at least around level 6 – 7 at which they become underwhelming and unreliable focused damage, but when they turn into Vandalier…
  • Vandalier: A strange mix of AOE and focused damage. You can control where it hits if you pay attention, and it spins around killing everything. A fully leveled Vandalier is extremely strong, but takes a lot of upgrades to get.
  • Santa Water: AOE, but not very reliable.
  • Runetracer: An odd mix of unreliable AOE and unreliable targeted damage.
  • LIghtning ring: AOE. At higher levels, it becomes a major damage dealer despite having no evolved form so far. One interesting benefit of a full level lightning ring is if you are relying on pushing enemies back such as garlic and unholy vespers in the late game. Enemies will start to push into your circle from the sheer amount of enemies, and lightning will help clear space for enemies to be pushed into.
  • Pentagram: AOE, but very slow and unreliable, and has the unfortunate issue of removing experience and chests a lot of the time.
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  1. Thanks for the guide.
    What about the La Borra achievement.
    So far I can’t find a combination to evolve the Santa Water.

  2. For the recovering 1k health achievement I found it easier to just get evolved whip with evolved garlic and run into the later waves of monsters. The lifesteal will keep you up as long as you aren’t stupid and you recover health a decently fast rate.

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