Cobalt Core – How to Successfully Run a Glass Cannon Build

A certain combination of cards and artifacts allow for a very fun build in which your damage is enough to easily wipe out most targets in 1-2 shots, at the cost of relying heavily on shields to compensate for your very low hull.

Glass Cannon Build Guide

Required Characters, Cards, and Artifacts

In order to pull this build off, you should start with Drake, Dizzy, and another character of your choosing (I chose Max to make the build’s high cost card’s cheaper).

Drake is imperative is because you absolutely require her card “From Hell’s Heart,” (Upgrade to type B is not necessary, but helps to ensure you’re always at maximum damage.) Her card “Pillage and Plunder” is also extremely helpful to scale maximum hull.

Dizzy is important because without powerful shields, you’re liable to be instantly killed by any stray attack. The artifacts “Shield Memory” and “Jumper Cables” are both invaluable to keep you safe on the first few turns while you build up your shields. “Shield Burst,” “Regenerator,” and “Warp Mastery” are also helpful for defense if you can find them, but aren’t vital to the build.

General Strategy

Aside from these artifacts and cards, generally building around shields is a good way to stay alive. Finding ways to increase your max shields (“Pulse Barrier,” “Boost Capacitors”) and to gain shields while attacking, (“Block Shot”) will make this more effective. The card “Deflection B” is a top pick, since it attacks for 2 damage, adds shield, and increases maximum shield capacity.

Additionally, as we are building around “From Hell’s Heart,” seek out ways to increase maximum hull. Generally this takes the form of artifacts and events, though there is also sometimes a boot sequence option to increase maximum hull. At this point, no individual hull upgrade will make or break your run, especially because you’ll ideally be at low hull anyway, but it adds permanent damage to your main attack, which is always nice. Artifacts which will help here include “Hull Plating,” “Adaptive Plating,” and the event exclusive “Scrap Armor.” When I used this build, I finished the Cobalt fight with 24 maximum hull, meaning “From Hell’s Heart” does 23 damage per shot. For context, on the easiest difficulty, you start with 7-12 hull, and on the hardest, you start with 4-9.

Throughout the run, you should try and keep a thin deck, and eliminate cards that don’t directly contribute to shields, hull, or cost reduction. Evasion isn’t actually super important because at least on lower difficulties, you can tank most hits with your shield, and fights end very quickly with your high damage. It’s still nice to have one or two cards, but they’re not a big deal.

If you’re successfully at minimum hull, you should start fights by making sure your shield is at safe levels. After you’re safe, (you might start safe if you have “Shield Memory”) cycle your deck until you get “From Hell’s Heart,” and fire for massive damage. If you have it, you should lower the enemy hull and finish them with “Pillage and Plunder.”

Final Notes

Honestly, this build probably isn’t very reliable. If you can get the right stuff, it’s pretty consistent, but until you finish the build, you’re playing with a lot of risk, and you have to be sort of lucky to get what you need. I mostly wrote the guide to show off a neat strategy I found; it’s not the most efficient or surefire way to beat the game.

However, it’s a ton of fun, and if it seems within reach, I encourage trying this build once or twice. Deckbuilder games are made to be broken, and this is so far, my favorite way to break Cobalt Core. If you decide to try it for yourself, good luck!

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