Collection Quest – Rarest Achievements Tips

This guide contain spoilers! Read on your own risk.

Tips to Obtain Most Rarest Achievements

I’m Your King

There are two NPCs who change their dialogue if you’re playing as player two in co-op. They’re the two in the achievement icon.


Type ubenberlcorn into the D.I.C.E. computer. Score over 490.

An Unsent Letter

There’s a single yellow pixel on the table in the store. Two ghosts in the game now have “typos” in their dialogue with numbers. The numbers tell you how many notches to move each slider. Then click the gray square.


It stands for Speedrun to Crate. You have ten seconds from starting a new file to look at the crate in the northeast room of the starting catle.

Hell, It’s About Time

Make the /iit command say “It is time.” with the computer commands I posted previously. After that, it’s locked in until you close the game, so you can switch save files if you like. Get all the cards, then go to Thomas the ?? in the northeast part of the map and talk to him a few times until something different happens.


Buy the material caster, then go in the door and survive roughly 100 enemies. You’ll hear a sound and a door will appear in the bottom right when you’re done.

Wahl’s Online

After Decurse, make sure you’ve beaten the game by talking to the king. Go to bed to make it night, then go to the house in the village with the red pot and four platforms. Check the red pot.

Wahl’s King

After Wahl’s Online, head to the southeast part of the map with the glowing red wall. You will notice something.

Wahl’s End

Same as Wahl’s Online/Wahl’s King, but do not beat the game before Wahl’s Online. This will softlock your save file forever, because you will lose the aces.

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