College Kings 2 – 100% Full Achievement Guide (Episode 1)

This guide will show you how to get all achievements in the College Kings 2: Episode 1.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Achievement List

Agree to disagree

Be Chloe’s assistant to her campaign, meet up with Chris after choosing a plush wolf toy for the photoshoot and disagree with Chris in pretty much everything, he’ll back down his support.

Bad Hair Day

Pick to help only Chloe’s campaign, choose design cover for the SVC newspaper and pick the Lindsey picture of her with her hair messed up and no makeup

Bestie Boy

When Lauren mentions Lindsey asked for her help in the bake sale, let her help lindsey but to sabotage the sale.

Blue Cheese and Sambuca

At Aubrey’s parents second wedding, accept the Sambuca shot from Naomi and the blue cheese from their uncle.

Built on Trust

As Chloe’s campaign assistant, arrange a meeting with the Apes with Grayson, let her seduce him and don’t get mad at her

Busy Schedule

Requires being FWB with both Ms. Rose and Aubrey

Arrange a date with Aubrey for Wednesday and get invited to the opera on Friday by Ms. Rose, then chose whatever in the baby duty chart

Caught Red Handed

Requires relationship with Aubrey

Help both campaigns, choose the interview option for Lindsey, waste the money on Aubrey’s date and tank it (tip the driver, talk highly of yourself, critique food, complain about wait, choose the meal for her), during the shelter reopening ask Aubrey to post on Kiwii, she’ll refuse and you’ll do it, prompting Lindsey to ask about her donation to Autumn which she’ll deny ever receiving, during Lindsey’s interview preparation scene, pick the act of kindness option and achievement should pop

Childhood Memories

Buy the brown horse toy for Lauren’s birthday gift.

Clean it up

Being an Ape, when meeting up with Amber in her flat tell her to stop doing drugs; when meeting with Samantha, tell her to seek actual help and stop drinking.

Counter Intelligence

You can complete Double agent before this

While working for both Chloe and Linsey, choose the latter’s option to search through the room for money, and the former’s “Damage Lindsey’s reputation”, afterwards Lindsey will tell you she found out about Chloe’s plan.

Da Ba Dee Da Ba Dai

At the shelter with Autumn, when prompted, tell her to keep calling the dog Blue and not change it.


Pick Chloe as your baby duty partner, and on the joint night get frustrated and she’ll deal with the baby throwing it out the window.

Double Agent

You can also complete Counter Intelligence after getting this

Agree to help Chloe with her campaign, then do the same with Lindsey.

Emotional Blackmail

Requires being a Wolf and having a FWB relationship with Ms. Rose

Help Chloe’s campaign and for the second part of the campaign, pick lower tuition and approach Ms. Rose with the idea. After the meeting, ask Chloe to step outside and talk to Ms. Rose.

Extra Extra

Apply to Elijah’s newspaper with Riley.

Fours a Crowd

Requires having KCT Confident and being Chloe’s and Lauren’s boyfriend (I don’t know if having sex in Paris is necessary buy I had it checked) and being Nora’s and Aubrey’s FWB (I don’t know if getting back Nora’s purse is necessary buy I had it checked, and had unchecked plane sex since Lauren saw that, if I had it on Lauren would show as a friend when the game starts)

Find Nora and have her sex scene (don’t reject her), then go on a perfect date with Aubrey so she calls you her boyfriend, achievement will unlock on the way back to the frat house.

Grand Theft Chloe

Accept to help Lindsey’s campaign and choose to steal Chloe’s money while she goes to a concert, don’t waste time listening to Lindsey and Aubrey’s conversation and go to Chloe’s room, get the money from the purse and wardrobe and the book beneath the pillow (you can also check the right desk to see a pic that may be important later). To exit the house enter the bathroom, go downstairs, pick to go to the kitchen and choose the window instead of the back door.

Honey bear

Requires being a Wolf and being an FWB with Ms. Rose

You’ll have a scene with her where she talks about the upcoming drug test, get angry at her and she’ll approach you later to go to her house, act polite and she’ll pour honey on her to lick it

Horn Dog

When going to help Autumn at the dog shelter, stare at her ass while she’s putting up a banner instead of making a joke.

How Did You Know

When going to Amber’s apartment, buy the Twazzlers for her.


While supporting Lindsey’s campaing, choose the option to buy drinks and play games, pick the Nancy *** ID and make a scene at the store getting offended.

Just Curious About You

When Amber asks you to brink her charger to work, go to her flat and check on the photos on the right wall, her laptop on the sofa, the Twazzlers on the floor and the unpaid bills on the table, then ask her about all of those after giving her the Twazzlers (she’ll get mad though, so not worth it in an Amber playthrough).

Just one more thing

Gather all the clues while searching for Nora and deduce she must be hiding in her dad’s cabin:

Ask Chris if Nora saw someone after arriving and if she could have gone to her dad. When talking to Penelope, ask about Nora’s post history. Then go the the Chicks house and ask Chole if she saw her with someone and refer to a past clue, then choose the dad’s cabin as the answer.

Mmmm Donut

As a Wolf, Imre will walk in on you eating donuts in your bedroom, when he leaves eat one.

Must Resist Temptation

When doing Yoga at the park with Nora and Ms. Rose, stay focused all the way through.

Perfect Date

Choose to be Chloe’s assistant so Lindsey gives you money for Autumn’s dog shelter and reject Naomi’s advances during the wedding. While on a date with Aubrey, choose to pay for a cab and flower bouquet with her money (no need to tip the driver afaik) reassure her she looks good, make a joke about yourself (not some egotistical remark), talk about her parents (not the chicks), when checking the clock talk about all the plenty time left, order the same drink as her since you don’t have a fake ID, let her choose her own dinner plate, compliment hers and your food, and pick dessert sharing half of it with her (don’t ask her to choose).


Side with Riley on movie night with Aubrey and her.

Pumpkin Season

During Lauren’s birthday party click on the pumpkin 5 times in a row.

Say Chirp

While helping Lindsey with the campaign, choose the car photoshoot without her and take a pic of the bird on top of it when prompted.

Singing Praises

Need to have gone to Polly’s concert in Europe and gone backstage. Pick to help Lindsey’s campaign and choose going to greet Polly as catering service, then say the food is a hotel gift (not a fan), so she helps Lindsey.


Be a FWB with Lauren, Amber, Aubrey, friend of Autumn and Loyal with Penelope. For Penelope to be unlocked she has to go to Europe, to the Polly concert, went backstage with her and reject Jenny’s lake invitation right before Penelope’s invitation to a date, and ignore the arguing couple.

The answer to everything

When at Ms. Rose’s class, when prompted answer ’42’ to her question.

Too Much Information

While helping Chloe, choose the option to give free tuition to all Chicks and to meet up with Mr. Lee. Every time you get prompted to say something, check your notes.

What Goes Around

Be FWB with Riley and Aubrey, pick “had airplane sex with Aubrey”, choose to go as a friend to the wedding, side with Aubrey on movie night and accept Naomi’s advances at the wedding.

Wrath of Pen

Be Loyal with Penelope, help her get to Europe and attend Polly’s concert and go backstage, reject Jenny’s invitation and right after invite Penelope to a date, but don’t distract her from the couple arguing at the restaurant.

Your Eyelids Are Heavy

As Lauren’s boyfriend, let yourself be hypnotized (don’t try to date Aubrey, as her date will stop you from meeting Lauren).

Christmas is Dead

If helping Chloe, party in chicks house will be triggered automatically, or help Lindsey to orginize playing games in chicks house.

When selecting game to play choose Would You Rather.

On chirstmass question select “Kill Santa”.

Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Lindos

Requires helping Lindsey with her campaign

Just help her get more than half the votes and reach the result phase of the voting

Don’t cry for me San Vallejo

Requires helping Chloe with her campaign

Just help her get more than half the votes and reach the result phase of the voting

Fake News

Requires supporting Chloe’s campaign, maybe being her boyfriend

  • Choose to make an article about her on the SVCTimes article.
  • Get mad at Eiljah for requesting a kiss and get Chloe to tell him to **** off.
  • Pic Choice may not matter.
  • When Nora shows you the Article badmouthing Chloe the Achievement will unlock.

In Nomine Patris..Amen!

When talking to Aubrey at the park, tell her she’s not acting like a nun anymore

You cop or something?

Requires no specific Relationships, KCT may not matter either (done with a Loyal and Popular playthrough), Kiss with Autumn

When Autumn asks to help be positive, don’t make her upset with Oscar’s owner, say you’ll find a new home for Blue, don’t stare on her and take a pot with her.

After finding Nora there will be a scene with going to classroom, Autumn will suggest to hang in park before class and suggest to take a pot, answer “won’t we in a trouble?”

Pool Party Episode Achievements

Don’t hang the DJ

Tell Biggest Philly to be himself when asking him to change the music

Elementary, My Dear Watson

When investigating the frats activities, use your detective’s special ability on each interviewee to get them to talk:

  • Pick “The wolves didn’t get one?” and “I don’t buy it either” when interrogating Chris
  • Be honest with Nora
  • Pick “We’re here to help” and “No you idiot” when interrogating Elijah
  • Pick the Professional or Psychologist option when interrogating Mr. Lee (optional)
  • Tell Penelope you want to snoop twice when taking care of Oscar for the second time and enter “password” as the Dean’s notebook’s password.
  • Pick What did you find? when talking to Amber, then “Hit him” if Loose Cannon, “Bigger than you” if Professional and appeal to his insecurity when interrogating Grayson (optional).

Then link either Chris, Mrs Rose or Mr Lee to the Dean and achievement will pop at the end of the frats’ leaders meeting.

Epic Pool Party

Finish a successful pool party, make the DJ change the music, serve drinks, take shots, apply the lotion bottle found in the kitchen to Aubrey and Lindsey, jump off the roof after talking to Cameron and collect the money.

Get Cancelled

Requires not being Lauren’s boyfriend

When shopping with Lauren choose “only if she’s ugly”.

Great Question

Pick “meaningless choice” when showing Penelope’s game to Autumn.

Family Matters

Give approval of the stepmom option when talking to Penelope about Elijah’s ideas.

Good Samaritan

Don’t sneak a peek when Lauren is trying out her sewn lingerie.

Honesty’s the best policy

Be honest with Nora when asking her what does Ms. Rose know about the frats’ investigation.

I Call It A Golden Shower

At the pool part, make Elijah a drink with Rum then piss in it.

If At First You Don’t Succed Tri Again

Requires being Lauren’s boyfriend and Riley’s FWB

After fighting Tom, go to Riley’s room, kiss her and go further, make sure Lauren’s startup is a success and agree to reinvest the money, then go for a threesome.

If you Lie with dogs

Don’t pet Oscar when taking care of him with Penelope.

Lauren Likes It Greek

Pick “Mediterranean” when going out on a lunch with Riley and Lauren, with Lauren as your girlfriend.

You Missed The Bus

As an Ape, help Samantha get clean and take her side, at the bus stop tell her it was good seeing her again and that you should hang out soon, then reject her when she drops by your room.

Long May He Reign

Introduce yourself as a Lord at the social commitee, propose a water jetpack and tell Faris he may proceed to speak to you outside.

Master Mixologist

Serve Penelope, Cameron and Elijah drinks with these ingredients:

  • Penelope: Granadine
  • Cameron: Vodka and Orange Slice
  • Elijah: Vodka and Peach Schnapps

Master Photographer

Help Lauren with her Aubrey and Lindsey photoshoots

Puppy play

Pretend being a dog while taking care of Oscare with Penelope.

Quattro Angeli

  • Pick “I’ll buy you a second pair” when shopping with Lauren.
  • Pick “I don’t buy it either” when interrogating Chris and be honest to Nora so Amber sends you the pic.
  • Pick “Do you consider your partner when buying lingerie?” (requires Popular Trait or being her FWB) or What price range do you buy in? (requires Confident Trait) when talking to Lindsey.
  • Pïck “Ideal lingerie fabric?” when asking Aubrey.

It’ll unlock after texting OMW to Lauren.

Rip Lord Duckington III

While investigating the fraternities, pick Loose Cannon and go ******* when interviewing Elijah.

Stunning and Brave

Go to an art class with Penelope, focus on Nimi and speak your mind

Starry Night

Have sex with Aubrey on the picnic date

Suicide is not badass

When playing Penelope’s game for the second time, choose “I’m a failure”

The Brave and the Bold

Flirt with Mrs. Woods and go all the way at the pool party

The Man, the Myth, the Legend

After talking to Cameron, jump off the roof at Elijah’s

We’re going streaking

Lose against Chloe playing the racing game

We’re the 99%

Choose to try to convince Elijah instead of his mom and choose”We’re poor” when speaking to him at the Frogs House.

Who wrote this ****?

Anwer ??? to the blonde character while playing Penelope’s game

You coward

Refuse to play Penelope’s game’s new build after Elijah’s feedback

You Watch Too Much Porn

Requires relationship with Nora

When prompted for a trip to her dad’s cabin through text, accept. Once there answer Ms. Rose to her third question.

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