Combat Master – How to Easy Farm Rank, Weapon and BP XP

This is a short guide on how to easily farm XP.

Tips to Easy Farm Rank, Weapon and BP XP

Lobby Settings

Set the lobby up like this.

Ingame Stats

XP Gained After 15 Minutes


  1. ye i already knew this at somepoint people were gonna find out about this easy way to xp farm i hope they dont remove the ability to gain exp from custom games lol

  2. join deathmatch, kill 7 bots carefully, unlock minigun, press “C” toward enemy and shot, then you just do it again and again, but never forget press “Y” after finished 7 bot with miniguns.

  3. duration 13m will only be good for grinding changles for weapon camos but if you just want xp for levels and gun recommend 3m duration

  4. you can now play deathmatch with 10 people, use minigun killstreak and you will have around 290 – 300 kills. its nuts

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