Survival: Fountain of Youth – Very Hard Mode Tips

Tips for Hardest Mode

First priority is hydration

Make sure you are using Palm Juice Collectors. They are probably the most important thing to build on Very Hard early on. Then get a Coconut Rain Collector up ASAP.

Secondly is shelter and clothing

Get your leaf armor up ASAP, probably first thing after you get hydrated day one.

Secure foodstuffs

Jump out into the ocean and grab the starfish and sea urchins. (3 of each). Make these into caviar. They provide okay food and water but last a long time. Also the boxes on the beach contain some food supplies and the shells are great for food and water.

  • Day 1: Drink > Get leaf armor > Get bed under cover > Get fire
  • Day 2: Get a coconut rain collector going and raid all the fruit trees in the valley next to the beach.
  • Day 3+: Start collecting resources and surviving.

My tip is don’t mess around when travelling as you do on Hard mode or lesser. In Very Hard, always have a highest tech (obsidian/copper) spear and don’t go anywhere near Boars or Jackals (or jaguars later) unless you are fully healed with advanced weapons with good durability.

Don’t stumble around the map and get aggroed in your weakest moment by something that will take a chunk out of your maximum health and camp your body (loot bag) so you can’t recover your stuff.

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