Company of Heroes 3 – How to Obtain Lest We Forget Achievement

How to get the Lest We Forget achievement, plus a tip for Campaign Skirmishes.

Lest We Forget Achievement Guide


Lest We Forget

  • Collect all Soldier Stories

How to Get the Achievement

To get the achievement, you have to fight as many battles/skirmishes in the campaign as possible. Every time a loading screen is present with a letter to or from a soldier, it counts to the goal. I believe that you do need to get every single letter at least once. In my experience I have noticed that if you are constantly fighting and actively trying to engage in every enemy unit that you can you can get the achievement around turn 30.

Campaign Skirmish Tips

To help streamline beating skirmishes, I have found that the easiest method is to get around 2 units that use explosives (i.e. SSF and Paratroopers, Bazookas, etc.) and use an M3 Half track or a M29 Weasel to bring your troops into the enemy HQ.

Once in the enemy HQ unload your troops and unleash high yield explosives on the main HQ. Destroying the main HQ will ALWAYS result in a mission success no matter the progress in your goals and will ALWAYS give you the bonus objective skill point even if you did not complete it.

Its so much easier to do this than actually fight in every skirmish, they get very boring very quick.

For the Paratroopers, just drop them in the enemy HQ making sure that you have enough Munitions to upgrade to their M9 Bazookas

For the SSF, try to upgrade them to get their timed explosives as they are completely busted and will almost one shot an HQ. When trying to deploy the timed explosives you need to have them hold fire, or it will auto cancel. Once the explosives are set have them run away before opening fire.

For the Bazookas, I recommend building 2 squads and loading them in a Medical M3 Half track. This way they can get healed while destroying the enemy HQ. If possible try to send supporting infantry or a machine gun squad to cover them while they rain hell on your enemies.


  1. I have done campaign three times with no autofight and Bombardment. But i can’t get ‘lest we forget’ achievement.

    In third campaign, I kept up one enemy port and killed enemy company in 130 turn. but i can’t get achievement…(I occupied other every zones)

    thanks for your guide but what am I missing?

    • Yeah me2. I finished 4 Campaigns, on my last one i was on Turn 124, fight EVERY battle manually but still… no Achievment. The letters are random. Sometimes i have them, sometimes 10 turns in a row 0 letters…

      I have no clue what im missing eh.

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