Company of Heroes 3 – Wehrmacht Guide (for 1v1)

So for this guide i’m just going to describe the build order that I am currently running with in 1v1s.

Guide to Wehrmacht

Starting Off

So to start off i’m rolling with Breakthrough Doctrine to give myself the MP40s upgrade for the Grenadiers, I feel like the MP40 upgrade doesn’t take much of their firepower at mid to long range and you can chase off the unupgraded riflemen off the field.

We start out with the Kettenkrad and upgrade with your starting 25 munitions with the communication cables in order to get more resources for capturing territory, I tried using it similar to the COH1 PE but I got little use of it, so lets use it for capping/stalling duties only.

  • We build the Infanterie Kompany building in order to deploy x3 Grenadiers.
  • 2 of these are gonna be upgraded with the MP40s and we will keep them for merging, sandbag and snare duty.
  • The one that is unupgraded is gonna be transferred to a Jager squad as soon as we get to the next building…

Tech-up to Luftwaffe

Once we get enough fuel, we tech up to Luftwaffe Building in order to unlock the Jager Squads and we’re gonna take 2 vehicles from this building: The 221 and the Wirbelwind. This tech up should come around minute 4.

  • The unupgraded grenadier will now be transferred to a Jager squad in order to have a better chance to fight upgraded infantry with the G43 upgrade.
  • You might also want to pick up the Veterancy upgrade so the Jager has a better time fighting infantry.
  • We will also queue up the 221 to deal against infantry, attempting to destroy the enemy Ultra light vehicles (Weasel, Jeep or Dingo) and maybe even chase for a wipe against an infantry squad.
  • The enemy will also get a Light Vehicle of their own.

I have now concluded that the 221 equipped with the Panzerbuchse upgrade is more than capable of dealing with the threat of the M8 Greyhound and Humber light vehicles.

We’re gonna withhold from teching up, we just gonna go straight to the Panzer Korps building, we will tech up to Support Elements once we deploy 2 Panzer 4s at least to deal with the Loiters.

Skipping Panzergrenadier Building, and My Reasoning

I decided to skip the Panzergrenadier building, my reason being is that the Panzergrenadier squad is just complete trash against infantry, the PAK is nice but the handheld Anti-Tank weapons feel busted so we’re coping with just the Jager Squad and the Stug rotation speed is just too hard for me to deal with it, it doesn’t help that you can deploy a Marder TD from the Luftwaffe building.

Instead we are going straight to the Heavy Panzer Korps building to spam the Panzer 4s and try to wrap up the whole game, I feel generalist spam is currently the way to go on late game.

Oh and you got Stosstruppen, in case you get a squad wipe you can bring up this squad to contest against the vetted and upgraded infantry the allies can offer.

Don’t forget the Veterancy upgrade on the Heavy Panzer building!

TL;DR Build Order (Breakthrough)

  • x1 Kettenkrad w/Cable upgrades
  • Build Infanterie Kompanie
  • x3 Grens (or 2 Grens, 1 MG)
  • Tech Up Luftwaffe
  • x1 Jager from transfer or wait to deploy 221 first then build Jager
  • x1 221
  • x1 Jager
  • Tech up Panzer Korps
  • Spam Panzer 4s and replace losses with Stosstruppen
  • Sprinkle 1 extra engineer for faster repair times
  • Get Wirbelwind after 2nd Panzer 4 to deal with the Loiters

Panzer 4s can use focus gunnery to increase their rate of fire at the cost of speed, use it in conjunction with the Blitzkrieg ability to mop the floor with your Panzer Armada.

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  1. Why do the Luftwaffe get a Wirble call-in? Is it just for tech skipping? Honestly seems a waste of a doctrinal slot.

    • It appears that Luftwaffe Battlegroup is gonna be the better pick since you can get the Wirbelwind call in that also includes a Jager squad.

  2. i love your tactic working wonderful i am so glad to tilt the enemy now and destroy and make him quit 😀 thanks mate

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