Construction Simulator – Beginners Tips and Tricks

Here you can find few useful tips for newcomers.

Tips for New Players

Context menu

You can open the context menu by pressing [F] on PC, button [X] on Xbox and the [square] button on PlayStation.

The context menu contains some important functions like changing the vehicle mode, automatic filling with bulk materials, activating the vehicle lights, starting the photo mode, resetting vehicles or your game character, or switching between first-person perspective and 3rd person perspective.


If you get stuck and don’t know how to proceed, the manual offers a lot of information, tips and tricks for handling the vehicles and all kinds of different topics in the game.

You can find the manual in the menu under Profile > Manual or via the quick selection via key [1] on PC or control pad [down] on consoles. You can also display the screen help on the HUD or in menus by pressing [F1] on PC /hold [control pad down] on consoles.

Get new jobs

Check the main menu > jobs. You can either check for a campaign contract or a smaller more generic job. Exciting projects are certainly waiting for you.

Hint: After expanding your company accordingly, you can work on up to three jobs in parallel.

How to get a tower crane to the construction site

When a tower crane is needed on a construction site, you will find a designated crane area there. Interact with the crane area to open a menu and select a suitable crane. If you don’t have one available, you can enter the vehicle dealer to purchase or rent one. After selecting a crane, it gets automatically delivered and set up.

Control the camera with a gamepad controller

To change from the vehicle controls to camera mode you have to push the left analog stick like a button. This changes to camera mode. Now you can change the camera angle with the right analog stick. To get back to vehicle control mode, just push the left analog stick again. You can tweak the switching behavior in the game settings.

How to change jobs

Before starting a mission, you can define the job scope in the job detail menu on the left. For example, this controls how much volume you have to dig up or how many cargos you have to deliver in order to fulfill a task. On the high setting, you have to work more exact and there are more steps to tackle. HINT: Not all jobs/tasks have different scopes.

How to skip tasks

Enter the detail view of a job (Menu > Jobs > Active Jobs). In the lower right corner you will find options to skip tasks or sections, to restart a section or to cancel the job completely. To restart or skip a task or section, first select it in the list and then press the corresponding button. Please note that not all tasks/sections are skippable.

Get new task

For most of the tasks, there is a small blue marker on the screen showing the distance to the given location. If it is not in view, check the border of the screen. During the first missions and also certain tasks in the later game, the navigation will lead you to the correct place.

How to open the map

The map can be opened with [M] on keyboards. On consoles you can open the map with trackpad (PlayStation) or the menu key (XBOX).

Important locations and marks

Important locations are only permanently marked on the map after you’ve visited them for the first time. In most cases, you will be guided there as part of a construction or delivery job. After you accept a mission, you’ll always get the option to set a navigation marker to the next destination. This way, you should be able to find the locations quickly and easily. Locations that haven’t yet been discovered are marked on the map with a question mark icon.

Uncorrectly works of the machine

If your construction machine doesn’t work correctly, in most cases it helps to reset the vehicle via the context menu or to store and then retrieve it from your vehicle hall. You can do this via the fleet menu or the vehicle quick selection menu.

Get certain goods and materials

You can get most of the necessary building materials from the building materials dealer. You can get prefabricated walls from the prefabricated wall factory. You can get special components or custom-made parts at the steel trade or at the sawmill. Depending on your progress in the game, you may have to discover the given locations beforehand. To check where you can get a certain component, look at the material list in the job details and check the place of origin.

Dirty machines

The construction machines get dirty over time, which indicates their condition. If a vehicle is in a bad condition, you should repair it as soon as possible.

Repair or refuel machine locations

Construction machines can be refueled or repaired at all gas stations in the game world. In the course of the game there is a possibility to unlock your own workshop on your company premises, too.

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