Counter-Strike 2 – Useful Alias / Binds


What is Alias?

Alias is a line of commands that activate when you type certain text that you binded to that commands.

Let’s take this apart!

alias hi “say glhf;say_team hi team”

  • {alias} – beginning of command (similar to bind)
  • {hi} – text you want to bind commands to
  • {“say glhf;say_team hi team”} line of commands that will activate after the text has been pun in console

Format (“command1;command2;command3”)

Heres Couple Useful Aliases:

  • alias privateserver “sv_cheats 1;god;mp_roundtime_defuse 60;sv_grenadetrajectory 1;sv_infiniteammo 1” – if you tyme in console “privateserver” it will put commands for training server (Bot matches only)
  • alias mute “say_team I can’t hear you guys i’m cluthing;voice_enable 0” – bind it or type fast in console (will mute all teammates while cluthing and will inform team that you muted them)
  • alias jumpthrow “-attack;+jump;-jump” bind it (basic jumpthrow bind)
*bind for jumpthrow alias : bind capslock jumpthrow
*bind for mute alias : bind v mute
*bind for unmute : bind n voice_enable 1
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