Cry of Fear – Puzzle Solutions

A condense version of solutions to the most annoying or least interesting riddles.

Sewer Puzzle

  • 279X

X = Could be anything from 1 to 9, start guessing.

Phone Puzzle

  • 5247

Park Puzzle

EagleRight, Up (→, ↑)
OwlDown (↓)
HorseUp, Left (↑, ←)
LionLeft, Left (←, ←)

Maze Puzzle

You can go in a right–> left–> right–> left etc. for most of the maze except for the parts circled in black. If you dash-jump you can cover enough distance to not wait for anything, but be careful with the last turn.

Door Puzzle

  • ↰ Left
  • ↱ Right
  • ↑ Up
  • ↑ Up

Asylum Puzzle

You need to pick up at least one part of the pieces to be able to get an answer:

The bolded number will be on the bottom left of the first tablet, helping you eliminate guessing.


  • 51177816
  • 51163979
  • 51173896

Generator / Lights Puzzle

Simple as 1234.

  • (AB–> BC–> CD–> DE)

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