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  1. oh, also the tome in the rectangle room in the center of the middle floor maze is to the left of the entrance not to the right.

  2. Adding to my previous comment, this may not seem to be the case because the tome names are randomized, but to my knowledge, my previous statement is 100% accurate.

  3. Hey, just some info that you might find interesting that would be nice in the guide,
    There is always 1 tome on the bottom floor of the maze, always one tome on the middle floor of the maze, and the final tome alternates between the top floor of the maze, pots, and lever room. This is not 100% confirmed but through my 40+ runs this has always been the case. It would be nice if you could color code the different tomes for new players, but you dont have to.

  4. you missed a tome spot in the lever room. its the platform just by the staircase. the one at the end of the branch you can first turn onto. found the tome of fortor or whatever there.

  5. another possible tome location is in the level room. Across the bridges near the key, a tome can spawn on the most bottom area of the balcony.

    • good question, they said its random, and changes every game, but its supossed to be in the maze, i have never found it

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