Cuana – Guide to the Difficulty Levels

Guide to the Difficulty Levels

The game is relatively easy on the lowest difficulty level, designed for players who prefer a smooth story experience without excessive grinding. Surprisingly, Cuana offers an engaging storyline.

The normal difficulty level provides a good balance, although it can still be challenging. The hardest difficulty level seems nearly impossible to conquer, possibly due to the unpredictable spawning of non-playable characters (NPCs). Occasionally, NPCs spawn in a way that leaves no blind spots for the protagonist. In such cases, it is recommended to retry the level until NPCs spawn in a way that allows for a less “pressured” experience LMAO.

Interestingly, the first and last levels of the game prove to be the most difficult. The initial level, the “Bus level,” presents a formidable challenge, even on normal difficulty. The best strategy here is to knock out the only walking NPC, then find a secluded spot where no one can see or hear you, and release all the gasses. The beans needed for a fartmine or a fartbomb can be found right behind the driver. They are readily available from the start on easy and normal levels, while on hard difficulty, the can of beans may take some time to spawn.

The “School level” is relatively easy, with a caveat to avoid farting in front of NPCs with a red exclamation mark above their heads. Instead, release gas near objects, furniture, water cooling machines, and so on. The quickest way to win is to knock out the professor in the IT room and destroy all the computers, rapidly increasing the destruction level. Remember, an eye icon appears in the top-right part of the screen when someone sees you, so refrain from farting if you’re being observed.

In the “Market level,” it is necessary to knock out at least three NPCs to complete the level. Beans spawn when the havoc bar is full. Fart in front of everything, as virtually everything can be destroyed in this level. Once your havoc meter is full, a can of beans will spawn somewhere. Grab it and use it to knock out another NPC. This will cause the awareness meter to drop. That’s exactly your goal!

The “Café level” can be quite challenging on higher difficulty settings. Destroy everything you see, grab beans, and use a fart bomb to knock out the musicians individually. Each musician you disable changes the music tune. Like in any applicable level, refrain from farting near the protagonist’s love interest and her wannabe boyfriend Greg (Is it me, or the guy looks like Elvis?), or you will instantly fail the level.

The “Airport level” is relatively easy regardless of the chosen difficulty. The objective is to cause enough chaos for the VIP area guard to leave their post. This happens when the havoc bar is filled. Fart near luggage, water coolers, computers, and trash cans, but make sure that no one with a red exclamation mark sees you doing it. Once the VIP guard relocates, grab beans from the counter and knock out the pilot, easily identifiable by their uniform. Note, beans won’t spawn in the waiting area. The only place to obtain them is counter at the VIP area. Bonus Tip: Captain’s attendants won’t notice you farting.

The “Airplane level” can become extremely challenging on higher difficulty settings. It resembles the bus level, but the airplane’s conditioners tend to filter out the smell. The best approach is to knock out an NPC who has a clear view of a cozy area where you can discreetly release gas without being noticed. After that, continue to fart as needed.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the game, as it never fails to bring a smile to my face. While it may be tempting to choose the easiest setting, the real fun begins at the normal difficulty level. Although I have yet to conquer the game on the hardest difficulty setting, I believe there must be a way to do so. If NPCs spawn in unfavorable locations, don’t hesitate to hit the retry button and try again.

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