Eden Eternal – Guide for Gold Farming

Learn one of the many ways of acquiring enough gold coins to keep your crippling Eden Crystal gambling addiction at bay.

Gearing Up and Getting Ready


This guide will assume you are at least Lv43, which is the required level for entering the Veninfang dungeon, located in Golden Plains.


This farm can be adapted for a few different classes, but I’ll focus on Bard and Engineer.

How to unlock the Bard class: Character Level 20

How to unlock the Engineer class: Character Level 30 and Hunter Level 15


There isn’t an absolutely specific combination of equipment to make this viable. However, some stats and procs are definitely helpful. You’ll find how to get them written at the bottom of the image.

  • Move Speed: This will help you run from danger faster. Gotta go fast to enlarge the stash.
  • Damage: Big number = Bad guy die fast. Yellow items are the best, followed by oranges. You’re probably broke though, otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at this guide, so Blues will do just fine. Greens are a strech, but if I catch your sorry ass running this thing with White items, I’ll confiscate your Alpaca forever. Say goodbye to Georgie, you’re walking home.
  • Remember that you can use scrolls to level up your gear, just be careful not to break them. Most items will go to +3 or +4 with 100% success rate.
  • Self Healing: If you can keep your health bar from reaching zero, your inevitable mistakes will be less problematic.

Drop Rate

The idea of the run is to get many garbage itens fast, so you can sell all of your shiny new trash to the nearest clueless NPC.

If you can increase your drop rate, you get more items and can proceed faster with your dubious financial enterprise. Couple ways of doing that:

  • Look for “Drop Parties” on the Peer chat. Being in a party, allegedly increases the likelihood of the bad guys giving you their belongings. Be sure to stay in a different channel from the other party members, otherwise you’ll end up splitting the spoils.
  • Use Loot Charms. These can be acquired through the Item Mall, Auction house and general quests.

The Actual Run


Veninfang is the goat for this thing, but you can probably do this in most dungeons. Here are a few of the interesting ones:

  • Crimson (Delphi)
  • Delphi Temple (Delphi)
  • Century (Blackflame Peak)

Go up to the dungeon portal and select the second option (“Solo Mode”). This will be easier and the results aren’t bad. Once you’re good enough you can try doing it on the first option too (“Multi Mode”), but I believe it will always be best to do Solo Mode first, since it is fast and easy.


This is simple, but tricky to get the hang of.

If you’re running Engineer, enter Mecha Mode and run through the enemies. Once you’re past them, hit <Tab> and use Oil Bomb (Ideally slotted at shortcut 1) to hit the group.

If you’re running Bard, do the same using your Burning Metal Skill. With some practice you can fit in the healing song when you’re far enough from the monsters. Don’t forget the Bard buff that increases move speed.

As soon as you can, start clicking forward so you can keep kiting those dudes, minimizing the number of slaps they run through your face. Sometimes you will get stunned, that’s just tough luck. If you have enough equipment you will survive to keep on running. Otherwise hit revive here and start over, as long as there are enough monsters to make your journey back worth it. When you are done, exit the dungeon, sell the loot and reset it (right click your portrait). Rinse and repeat until you are out of dungeon entries for the day.

Dealing with Inventory Space

Ideally you want enough empty space in your inventory to do a full run. So sell that hammer you’re never gonna use, archive everything you can and drop the rest at the bank in Aven.

If you still don’t have enough space, you can use a little trick to sell while inside the dungeon, as long as you are in a guild. Press G, go to the bottom where you’d purchase guild quests, click the button, hover your mouse over the menu tab and scroll your mouse wheel. A buy-back tab will appear, click on that and right click your inventory items to sell.

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