CULTIC – Survival Mode Tips

Survival is generally much harder than the main game just due to the fact that enemies are aggressively pursuing you, rather than in the story mode where you’re generally able to get the jump on most enemies.

Tips to Play Survival Mode

Some things I’ve found have helped me in Survival:

  • Get used to some of the more advanced movement tech: slide-jumping, kickboosting, dodging, etc. -these will make getting around the arena much faster and allow you to outpace enemies and create breathing room.
  • Whenever you’ve got more than ~45 seconds on the clock, start looping the map for loot crates (big crates with a “?” on them). These will give you bits of money, health, ammo, and sometimes even armor and weapon parts. Make your gun purchasing decisions partly based on what ammo you get from these crates early on.
  • Try to always have at least 2 TNT on-hand, and get comfortable with Quick-Tossing [Z, by default] and detonating TNT with gunshots, as this saves tons of time over switching to TNT, lighting, throwing.
  • Consider which enemies give you the most trouble and prioritize purchasing guns which counter them better. Armors chopping you up? Get a shotgun to counter their jump attack. STENbois turning you into swiss cheese? Grab a LAR early to head-pop them ASAP.
  • Make liberal use of the barrels and lanterns in the environment, as they respawn, so there’s no reason not to use them! Explosive barrels make for great barriers to create choke points, too!
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