ENDLESS Dungeon – Savegame Issues Workaround (OneDrive & Controlled Folder Access)

The game is not released yet, and that is good since it gives the developers time to check on certain issues.

Savegame Issues

Based on a mention I have seen before there is a chance that players might encounter savegame issues early on.

I expect people affected are OneDrive users and those with controlled folder access settings which does not allow any app to create files at the Documents folders within Windows.

For the latter it might be less likely to encounter issues if you are using your Windows user as administrator while the first issue is fickly at best.

The only suggestion I can give about that is, you should know of that issue since it is common with many games and that, if you are not using OneDrive at all you should consider uninstalling it.

The setting about the controlled folder access? You can find it within the Windows Settings:

  • Go to Windows Settings -> Updates & Security -> Virus & threat protection.
  • Scroll down and select Manage ransomware protection.
  • Allow an app through controlled folder access.

In very bad setups you might need to launch the game’s executable as administrator/in compatibility mode.

I recommend the free version of RevoUninstaller for getting rid of unwanted Windows feature like OneDrive and issues with apps in general, as its advanced options helps with leftover files and registry entries default uninstallers leave behind.

While you are at it, here are two more tips:

  1. You can use CCleaner to cleanup your registry, check for driver updates (the trick is: the free version does not download the driver updates for you, but you just need to know which you need to Google), and either use CCleaner or RevoUninstaller to check for unneeded autorun apps.
  2. If you have not done it yet consider using O&O ShutUp10++ as it helps not only with privacy but also can help with improving performance by disabling telemetry data.

For each mentioned app you can use the free version available, also available as portable version (that means you do not need to install them). Stay away from scam websites which ask money for such tools.

Happy Hunting!

Oh, while you are at it – if you want some “Cloud Save” check the game’s Settings -> Network -> Remote Storage.

It is not Steam Cloud, but it will do the job for e.g. usage of Steam Deck.

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