Dead Estate – Guide on Knocking Off Chunks

How to incapacitate the rat with relatively low risk.

How to Incapacitate the Rat

The Gist of It

Chunks’s health is shared with the entire floor, so it’s fine to shoot him and then run to other room.

So one of the best ways to deal with him is to find a hallway with trapless rooms and then shoot and run until you reach the end of the hallway.

After which immediately go back before he spawns in (Chunks will always spawn from the door that you entered the room after a delay) and repeat the process untill you reap him off his moneys.

Random Trivia

Chunks slows down considerably when in a room full of enemies, so you can leave one harmless enemy and start shooting at slowed Chunks.

Be carefull though Chunks won’t hestitate to kill enemies if they touch him.

For those who are just getting started, those zeros you see in the damage are fake, he actually feels pain but is good at hiding it.

Written by Greedygreen

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