Icarus – Performance Optimization Tips

Optimization Tips


DirectX 11 is our default setting

When you begin Icarus you can choose between DirectX 11 or DirectX 12. DirectX 11 provides the fastest and most stable game experience, and is our default setting. Enable DirectX 12 if you have an RTX graphics card and want to play with RTX Global Illumination (we recommend a 3000 series card for RTXGI).

NVIDIA DLSS and FSR acceleration technologies are enabled in both settings.

Performance Optimization Tips

  • Choose the DirectX 11 setting when you load Icarus.
  • Update to the latest graphics card drivers. Both NVIDIA and AMD have updated their drivers for Icarus.
  • Experiment with your Graphics Settings to find a setting that works best for your PC. Try Medium and High settings.
  • We have seen reports that increasing the Field of View to 100 may improve performance, but watch how it affects the game’s perspective.
  • Read the Tooltips in the Display Settings. Mouse hover over each Setting’s name to see the tips.
  • Adjust the Textures setting to match your graphics card’s RAM. Choose Low: 2GB, Med 4GB, High: 8GB, Epic: 10GB.
  • Adjust the Texture Streaming Pool Size to match your graphics card’s RAM. Choose Low: 2000, Medium: 3000, High: 4500, Epic: 8000+.
  • The Display Settings are accessible on the Planet or Orbital Station, but not on the Title Screen.

You can still play all of Icarus’ gameplay with the Minimum Specs, the only difference will be the visual details. You won’t be restricted from any playable or interactive features.

We recognize that our Recommended Specs are generous. They are not compulsory but we have designed and future-proofed Icarus to make the most of the latest hardware if you have it.

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