Defense Grid: The Awakening – Keyboard Shortcuts

This guide provides a useful list of keyboard shortcuts that aren’t mentioned anywhere in the game or its manual.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you hover over an empty space that you can build a tower on, you can press the following number keys (located on the top row of the character keys) to build the tower without having to use the mouse:

1 = Gun
2 = Inferno
3 = Laser
4 = Temporal
5 = Meteor
6 = Cannon
7 = Tesla
8 = Missile
9 = Concussion
0 = Command

Additionally, if you hover over a space that already has a tower on it, you can press the following keys to upgrade or sell the tower:

U = Upgrade
Shift + U = Sell


  • These keyboard shortcuts cannot be performed with your keyboard’s numeric keypad (which is the 3×3 cluster of numbers on the right side, if applicable).
  • If you have the tower menu open (to build a tower, or upgrade or sell it), you have to close it. The keyboard shortcuts only work if the tower menu isn’t open.

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