Devil Girl – Useful Tips and Tricks

You want some advices about Devil Girl? I’m here to spice things up for you. Here are some fun advices.

Tips and Tricks

  • This game is all about doing 3 things per day. But watch out, your health will go down every day and you can’t get it back. If your health hits 0, it’s game over. So you gotta be smart and plan ahead. Don’t be a bad boy!
  • Don’t let your fatigue hit 100, or you’ll lose a lot of health and days. That’s not cool. You can relax at the back mountain or the amusement park to reduce your fatigue if possible. The amusement park is super awesome, because it will reduce your fatigue completely. But there will be a point in the game where you can’t use the amusement park, so you have no choice but to rest at the mountain and sleep at night when your last action is at home (Not doing anything to Nethia when prompted).
  • You will unlock different options and activities as you progress in the game. You can work, travel, talk, or have fun with Nethia, the girl who claims to be an angel. You can also explore the mysteries of the world and find clues about the truth.
  • The most important stat is Truth Clue, because it is the only stat that you can’t get through normal means. You need to choose options that give you Truth Clue whenever possible. For example, the first time you go to the back mountain and reminisce, choosing option 2 will give you 1 Truth Clue.
  • You can work 3 times a day by manually going to the library in the morning and at night. Working at night will make Nethia sad and her feeling will go down by 1, but it will also give you more money and unlock additional books that will give you hints and Truth Clues. You need to read all the books and observe everything you can before obtaining the Eye of Truth, a special item that will help you uncover the secrets of the game.
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