Saints Row 2 – Easy Crash Fix (No Mods Required)

Hello guys, this is an easy fix I found some weeks ago, it worked for me and some friends, this trick finally fixed the random crashes I had with this poor PC port.

How to Fix Crash Easy

All credit goes to K3rhos!

The Fix

If you use an Nvidia GPU, just open the Nvidia Control Panel:

  • Click Manage 3D Settings under 3D Settings.
  • Click Program Settings.
  • Find Saints Row 2 (sr2_pc.exe).
  • Scroll down and select Low Latency Mode.
  • Set it to Ultra.

Now you can restart your game and enjoy it without crashing every 5 minutes.

Sorry to Intel & AMD GPU owners, I don’t know if this fix can be applied, you will need to do somes research by yourself.

Note: This guide doesn’t fix the stutter issue the game have, but capping the framerate of the game to 30 or 60fps is also recommended.

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