Diablo 4 – Bleed Leap Barbarian Build (Pit 100-105 Sub 2 Min Runs)

Bleed Leap Barbarian Build Guide (Season 4)

Built a barb centered around the bleed talent Gushing Wounds. Inspired by the recently showcased WW-bleed by Rob, but this one has one less Über unique required. I also felt that, at lower levels of gear, the build showcased by Rob fell short against bosses, and is really gear-dependent. This is much easier to get “off the ground” as you say. Leap pun intended. Hardy har har. All you really need is a grandfather to speedfarm 80s in under 2 min.

Use crit damage tempers from rogue on everything except two damage while berserking rolls somewhere.

Pit 105 – No Holy Bolt-run in under 3 minutes:

3x Pit 90 in under 6 min, including loading screens (Runs were 1:40, 1:20 and 1:20):

Pit 105 2ish min runs (Season 4):

The major differences from pure WW are that you use all the Earthquake aspects, Rumble glyph for great boss damage and Brawling cooldown instead of War cry cooldown and of course Leap as your main source of damage and Dust devil generation. Other than that, if you already have WW-bleed gear you should be able to run most of it. Yen’s Blessing are really good when playing the Leap-heavy version of the build, since a lot of your damage then will come from your shouts.

If you don’t have Tyrael’s use Rage of Harrogath and If no Shako, just use a CDR GA helm with STR/HP and use the Bul-kathos EQ aspect on helm and use Tibault’s Will for legs. Be warned, this will be a lot squishier, and you will need to compensate with higher HP.

The highlight is finding a channelling shrine during a run. If you do, you can leap with no cooldown even without hitting any mobs, which is the most fun I think I’ve had in any arpg ever.


Have also started using WW instead of Rupture as this will probably be better with the incoming Tyrael’s and WW aspect buff. This also makes the build a lot more forgiving, since you can miss leaps without losing much damage. For the WW-version, just replace Elements aspect with Dust Devil’s aspect. And remember to tap WW whenever you use it.

Note: The tempers on everything not listed in the maxroll planner should be Crit damage, which you get from rolling Marksman tempers on a rogue. They don’t show up on maxroll for some reason. They are also a really good master work target for the 25% boosts. Arguably better than strength.

Reasoning for using 2h Mace as active weapon with Sword technique vs using 2h sword with axe technique:

  • Slower attack speed = Higher base damage.
  • 15x from Wallop (if applicable to Dust Devils – Testing needed).
  • 15x Crit dmg from using Mace expertise.
  • 20% on hit damage from bleed Technique.

Sword gives:

  • 20% on hit damage from bleed Technique.
  • 10x from 2h Axe expertise.
  • 30x Bleeding damage AFTER a kill for 5sec.

I hope this was helpful to you!

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