Disco Elysium – How to Obtain All New Achievements (Title Update 2)

Shortly afterwards the update that added the Polish language to the game, on the day 20 of december of 2021, new eight achievements were added to the game in the Title Update 2. The new content surprised everyone. This guide will give pointers and instructions to achieve them, detailing every one.

Achievements Guide

Cause a Sh!tstorm

  • You brought this on yourself.

This seems to be related with a seagull located north of the fish market, in the top of an iceberg. You’ll try to shoot something at it for “target practice” and “fail”. For the interaction you must be alone, it will require +9 Coordination stats (pending verification).

Leopard Mindset

  • This is the kind of animal you want to be.

You can find this leopard print leotard/body suit that is located on the shore. A physical object. The details to gather it are still unclear. It seems to be a little south of the church, by the river.

Wheel of Pleasure and Light

  • Reconstruct a vision from the past.

It seems that can be achievable with a Visual Calculus vision, that enables Harry to see the pleasure wheel ride on the boardwalk that Trant Heidelstam mentioned to you. It also involves high checks of Shivers, Encyclopedia and Perception, as well as medium ones of Reaction Speed and Inland Empire.

Modus: Mullen

  • It’s black-and-white out there.

It seems that you have to interact with ♥♥♥♥ Mullen book using the hat and the pinballmaker outfit (in the game files, this jacket is refered as jacket_mullen). There are probably skill checks involved, (this is pending verification). Make sure to talk to the characters inside the bookstore afterwards and go outside. If nothing triggers, check the book again.

Bother Kim After Hours

  • He probably won’t mind.

Bother Kim, after you enter your room, any time past 21:00.

Baddest Brow in Town

  • Force Kim to reveal his secrets.

This is unlocked after having an eyebrow-off with Kim, and winning. It would seem that a very high authority as well as a heroic drama check that will cause Kim to talk about some transgression he did in the past. (not verified)

Gurdi-Ball Is Lit

  • Get your pinball on.

Interact with one of the pinball machines in the corner of the lower level of the secret whirling passage.

Get Kim to Wear *The Jacket*

  • You know which one.

It refers to the Pissflaubert jacket that Kim initially refuses.

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