The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos – Permanent Potions List

Here you can find list of the permanent potions in the table format.

List of Permanent Potions

The Spreadsheet

Potion / RequiresMenziesKing’s sorrelEastern violetHealing rootFire rootDragonrootGoblin berriesEarth aloe
Elixir of Life (+25 max HP)1111    
Elixir of Spirit (+5 max Mana)11  1   
Elixir of Strength (+3 Strength)11   1  
Elixir of Dexterity (+3 Dexterity)11    1 
Stone skin potion (+3 weapons protection, +1 fire and magic protection)111    1

Crafting permanent potions requires Alchemy level 3 which is possible to learn from Bodowin in Chapter 2:

  • Alchemy level 2 = 20 LP + 700 GP.
  • Alchemy level 3 = 30 LP + 2500 GP.

Recipes of permanent potions you can buy from Bodowin after completing quest in which you return to him his stolen supplies (Chapter 2). Walking west of Bodowin’s house you once discover a corpse and the men standing near, men ask you for help, in result of short quest you will receive pack of Bodowin’s supplies, which you can bring him, that will update his store with 2nd and 3rd levels recipes.

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