DREAM LOGIC – Sticky Keys Achievement Guide

As you may know there are in total 7 keyboards to find in the game: 1 in the starting area, 4 in the poolrooms and 2 in the garage part of the level Outrun. Where you ask? Well this manual is just what you needed.

How to Obtain Sticky Keys Achievement

Starting Area

Keyboard #1

  • Whenever the beginning cutscene ends, turn around and head over to the wardrobe and open it:
  • There you’ll find the first keyboard.

The Pools Level

Keyboard #2

  • In the pools level go up the two sets of stairs and head to the left in to one of the hallways:
  • Go in the room with pillars and the keyboard should be on your right:
  • There you’ll see the keyboard (note: I have already gotten the keyboard before the picture was taken).

Keyboard #3

  • Wherever you find yourself in the area with multiple hallways, go in the first one on your left:
  • You’ll find the keyboard just behind the corner:
  • Note: I have already gotten the keyboard before the picture was taken.

Keyboard #4

  • After you get to the big open pool area, go through the first opening on your right:
  • There go up the left sets of stairs on the balcony:
  • Now go to the far right corner:
  • And there it is in all of it’s glory…

Keyboard #5

  • In the room with the puzzle in the middle, go to the far right corner of the room:
  • There should be a keyboard at the second wall:
  • Note: I have already gotten the keyboard before the picture was taken.

Garage Area

Keyboard #6

  • At the start, walk through the door and head left:
  • Behind the ramp and the pillar should be the keyboard:
  • Better picture of the surroundings:

Keyboard #7

  • The last keyboard is in one of the corners of the second level the garage has:

Note: I once again already had the keyboard in this image.

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