DREDGE – Fire Fish Mechanics Guide (Devil’s Spine)

Fire Fish Mechanics Explained

There’s lots of breakable walls you can use bombs on to create shortcuts around the fire fish into areas with loot. Banish can get rid of them when you get swarmed or the mom comes in for a bite, but I think the only area trick is “use the heat vents and be stealthy.

The mechanics are simply that the little fire fish don’t actually damage you, but if they spot you they will follow you around and shriek, which will cause the mama fish to home in on from wherever she is around the island.

If you go sit on a heat vent it scares off the small fire fish and the mama fish will no longer be following you.

The mama fish herself won’t detect you if you are just sitting still when she passes by otherwise.

The little fish will also slow your maximum speed as well. This isn’t noticeable when it is just a few of them, but if you let them build up and don’t get rid of them they will eventually slow your ship speed to a crawl, making it easier for the mama fish to catch you.

The stones at the fanatic dock site in Devil’s spine hint at how this works. The mother is blind, but her children call to her, leading her to food. The children are harmless themselves, but will follow you and call their mother.

The mother is always patrolling, and sometimes she’ll happen to be nearby when she gets called, and sometimes she’s harmlessly on the other side of the spine.

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