DREDGE – Secret Fishing Equipment Guide

This guide will tell you how to get some free, spooky fishing equipment in exchange for certain fish.

Guide to Secret Fishing Equipment


There are four pieces of fleshy fishing equipment that aren’t found through quests, so I thought I’d make a little guide for anyone who was interested. You need to place certain fish into their shrines to get them. In case you’d rather try and figure out what you need by yourself, but you can find where the shrines are located from the pictures.

Sinew Spindle

This one’s a straight upgrade over both the starter pole and the flexible fishing pole you get in research. It’s also very easy to get. Just need five cod.

Mouth of the Deep

This is a very big and very durable crab pot you can get in exchange for one decorator crab and two rock crabs. You can catch both of them in the Gale Cliffs with the basic crab pot but the decorator crab only appears in depths of 5 meters or higher.

Viscera Crane

This crane cran snag both abyssal and hadal fish. It can be found near Stellar Basin in exchange for one of each of the four types of sharks: hammerhead, blacktip reef, bronze whaler, and ghost. The first and fourth can be found in the Stellar Basin, second and third in the Marrows (blacktip only comes out at night). They should all be able to be caught with basic ocean fishing equipment except for the ghost shark. You’ll need to help the researcher in Stellar Basin to get equipment that can fish in abyssal waters first.

Tendon Rod

This rod works in shallow, oceanic, and mangrove waters. You can trade in any aberration at the shrine to get it.


  1. Im upset that there is no volcanic type device, also that you cant fill all the rods and the encrusted talisman.

    • Oh yeah – it’s definitely in Devil’s Spine. It’s a piece of fishing equipment that doesn’t enable you to catch any fish by itself – so it has to be paired with a rod that does – but massively boosts Fishing Speed.

    • (Also apparently there is at least one Ghost Shark spot in Stellar Basin, I just never found it. Much more common in Devil’s Spine, at least.)

  2. Ghost Shark (fourth type of shark needed for the Viscera Crane) is in Devil’s Spine I believe, not Stellar Basin.

    I have heard there’s also a “special equipment” version of the lights, relating to the Ancient Lighthouse / finding the tablets in Devil’s Spine. Probably not a freaky fleshy version, though.

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