Drift – Beginners Tips

Tips for starting out and not being buried in junk.

Tips for Newcomers

This guide is going to be short and to the point.

  • Starting off grab every asteroid you can.
  • Expand the base.
  • Create chests in groups for usage.
    • Survival (food, O2, power).
    • Basic.
    • Refined.
    • Current Project (resources for whatever you are working on at the moment).
    • Upgrades.
  • Get the Tractor Beam as soon as you can.
  • Focus your resource gathering to what you need for your next step.
  • Too much junk will clutter your base.
  • Work in stacks of resources rather than the used amount.
  • 8 wires are nice but having a stack of 50 leaves you more to work with.
  • Don’t go overboard with too many stacks.
  • Make more O2 filters, food, and batteries when storage gets down to half.
  • Always carry at least one of each on you at all times.
  • Keep upgrading the Tractor Beam as soon as you can.

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