Farworld Pioneers – General Tips: How to Get Started Fast

Build the ship marks the “start” of the space journey, do it fast in order to not be bored the second time around. Tip marked with * means it might be a glitch.

Starter Tips

Gear Up

Mine the block below the drop pod and debris to break them.

  • Pros: get the item itself faster.
  • Cons: lose the items(not including stockpiles and drop pods) inside.
  • Goal: get iron, copper, revolver and bullets.

Grab the teleporter from Buddy.

  • Pros: no backtracking

Build a base underground.

  • Get a row of stockpiles, a furnace to smelt the raw into ingots, an underground farm, a kitchen to process the crops.
  • Pros: prepare for the research of space travel, and in case you need to return back.
  • Cons: cost a lot of time.

Go find a raider camp/base, use the map to see if any is nearby.

  • Goal: find raiders.

Cut down tall/large trees.

  • Goal: get wood and salve.

Place a block at the same height of the enemy, and attack it through the bottom.

  • Pros: enemies can’t see you.
  • Cons: not as effective when you have already been seen.
  • Goal: get 200 more bullets.

Fight the Boss

Go to the factory, it’s always on the right side of spawn.

Go to the first door to the left down the ladder.

Find the boss room located at the lower left direction.

Grab the loots.

  • Goal 1: get laser weapons/shotguns, armors, shoes, and parachutes.
  • Goal 2: gather 10 circuit boards.

Crouching/sliding can make the player go through a one block high tunnel.

  • Pros: no need worrying about being stuck when sliding.
  • Cons: the tunnel has to be in the same height as the player.

Make a copy of the save before entering the boss room(devs have a guide in the forum).

Use laser weapons if can.

  • Pros: they have faster reloading speed than shotguns.

Holdout zapper is the best laser weapon for fighting it.

  • Pros: it can block the energy balls.

Run in the direction you are facing, cause the boss shoots energy balls from a rotating ring of points, and emits sweeping lasers.

  • Pros: run faster.

Build the Ship

Read another guide about bugs*.

  • Pros: so you don’t lose your items and progress.

Build a powered research bench setup.

Buy 40 machined parts*.

  • Pros: it has a bug that the cost doesn’t matter.

Get the items you want to move in one go by putting down some stockpiles.

  • Pros: shorten the already long travel time.
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  1. my factory was on the left side of spawn so you might want to change part one of Fight the boss

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