Psycho Zaku Tips

Skill “Maneuver Armor” is useful against stun weapons

  • This skill make you endure one instant stun while you dash(moving boost on). Suits with this skill mostly raid type, but some general type also have this skill.
  • Be careful this skill don’t make you endure non-instant stun(by all kind of damages. Stun from shot-gun or machine-gun is this type) or strong stun(longer stun time. Stun from anti-ship rifle is this type), melee stun(from melee attacks). But I think there is no strong-stun weapon from psycho-zaku.

Make enemy down before he can use avoid roll

  • Ms hurt by normal stun stops and can move again after 2.4 sec, but he can use avoid roll earlier(1 sec earlier I guess). If you hit enemy with some attack make enemy down(usually backward + melee), enemy can’t use avoid before he down.
  • When people use melee attack after stun, normally they start with fast melee(forward or side melee), and combo to slow melee(backward melee) because it’s more easy when ms have “melee combo controller” skill.
  • But if you do this combo to ms that have avoid skill, they can avoid before second melee attack hit. This can be prevented if you skip fast melee and just 1 hit melee attack with backward melee after stun. So if you want melee attack against suits with avoid skill like psycho-zaku, try “bazooka (stun) > backward melee (down) > some additional attack”.

Use long range weapon

  • From bazooka to melee attack combo(or any stun weapon have splash damage to melee) is very basic and popular setting in this game. By the way, it’s not strategy for long range fight because of bazooka’s slow bullet speed. You can see bazookas have some range similar to beam rifles, but hit enemy with bazooka at long range is very hard. Also it’s effective range is even shorter if ms has low boost speed, because enemy can recovery from stun before they approach enemy.
  • Almost machine gun type weapons are bad against bazooka-melee combo because they have short range and take long time to stun enemies. So if you hard to play against bazooka-melee combo, try some beam rifles(not beam-spray gun) and fighting at distance.

I hope you can find good way to fight against Psycho-Zaku.

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