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Covers information about the Characters and their unique gadget.

Guide to Characters & Unique Gadget

Jessica Fernandez & Boitatá

Jessica Fernandez is an ex-soldier able to scout other Frontiers. Her unique gadget, Boitatá, grants a new perspective for Jessica. As long as she holds up her visor, she can have visuals on anyone at a certain distance. By utilizing this ability, she can check her surroundings for any signs of suspicious activity So I would imagine it’d be best not to do anything sus around her… Nevertheless, having Jessica and her three extra pairs of eyes should make anyone feel safe!

Zack Zhou & Anyofus

Zack can temporarily disrupt the Frontier comm signals using Anyofus. Anyone close enough at the time of the disruption will be affected, causing their Frontier camera’s surveillance system to shut down for a while. During the blackout, some Frontier-comm-related functions such as visual assists and offender alerts will cease to work. It should be useful if he needs to do something unnoticed…Sneaking around in the dark, hacking doors, or..maybe taking out someone sus…? If he can, I mean. Considering his top priority is “becoming famous”,

Ryan Goldman & Necropsyco

Ryan Goldman cold-hearted psychopath and a great actor and an elite Coroner. His unique gadget Necropsyco investigates and provides useful information about others. By analyzing any trace left by others, Ryan can collect useful information he may need. After finishing the inspection, the player can see the whereabouts of the person who left the trace for a short period. If Ryan manages to analyze meaningful traces, he may just discover who he needs to observe with a bit more attention. Who knows what that person might really be up to? Better safe than sorry… right? I’m sure Ryan’s arrogance can be a little annoying at times. But there’s no doubt his experience and knowledge will be a great asset to Frontiers!

Sobok Lee & Mulsoom

The young, ambitious diver Sobok Lee is a perfectionist that does not like other people to interfere with her goals. Her unique gadget Mulsoom allows her to go to areas where oxygen is scarce even in a toxic area filled with gas. While equipped, Mulsoom reduces the amount of oxygen used every second. It also works as a gas mask that can filter out hazardous chemicals. But, at the cost of some oxygen. Sobok can perform well under any pressure. Even when she is low on oxygen, she can maintain focus on her objectives. And toxic gas? That’s just something she can take advantage of! Sobok has the determination to push herself regardless of any hardship until she gets the results.

Sergei Tulinov & BombaX

Victim of a match-fixing scheme, Sergei Tulinov is an insecure emotional man with anger control disorder. His unique gadget, BombaX by injecting a synthetic Keystone substance into his body making him inevitable. It allows him to endure more hits and prevent ambushes from others for a short period. However, the aftereffect of BombX is that he becomes weakened for a short time.

When things are going sideways and physical contact looks inevitable, Sergei can take the upper hand with a well-timed dose. You’d have to be a madman if you’re seriously trying to go up against him. Having messed up his reputation big time, this is likely to be his last grasp at redemption.

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