DUBIUM – Traitor Guide for Beginners

Covers the basics and the game process of a traitor.

Newbies Guide to Traitor


Traitor Objective

As a Traitor, you secretly work for the Shadd’s competitor company, Blamane, on a mission to collect 10 Keystones and escape before the Frontiers notice you aren’t on their side. The other players are nothing more than mere tools for the success of your mission. Act like an innocent Frontier to gain their trust, then approach them at the right moment to take them down and steal their precious Keystones. Be stealthy or bold – the choice is yours.

Traitor Starting Item

All Space Frontiers start with a Dart Gun and one Oxygen Canister.

Traitor Mission Process

Step 1: Stabilize the Space Station

At the start game, Frontier must stabilize the space station to smoothly perform their mission.

There are 2 things to stabilize as you process the mission

Oxygen Supply System to supply oxygen in and Activating Solar panels to power the station which activates the escape pod.

Step 2: Collect 10 keystone

Collect 10 keystones no matter what. here is the list of places you can loot keystones.

Where to find keystones?

  1. Looting corpse (Keystone, Key Stone vault key).
  2. Keystone silo (A vault out in space).
  3. Loot purple bodies to get the key to unlocking vaults.
  4. Kill other frontiers who have a keystone.
  5. On the Energy Cube transmitter.

Step 3: Escape

Now you collected 10 keystones and activated the solar panels you are now ready to escape.

Use the Escape Pod (A,B) to escape!

Hope Springs Eternal!

Tips to Play as Traitor

Act like a Frontier

Gaining their trust is important to gain information when they think you are sus they can just kill you will weapons.

Hack Keystone Vaults (Infirmary, Storage)

You can gain 3 keystones by hacking these vaults.

Use your environments

Sabotage solar panels and turn on toxic gas to silently kill other Frontiers.

Stall Frontier mission

When the frontier fully activates the Shadd Shuttle Launcher Traitor gets exposed and dies. So, stall them.

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