DUBIUM – Frontier Guide for Beginners

Covers the basics and the game process of a frontier.

Guide to Frontier


Frontier Objective

Your mission is to search the space station and destroy all the Energy Cubes left over from the abandoned space station. During your expedition, you’ll come across valuable Keystones. Don’t forget to collect them, as they have great value and can make you rich!

Frontier Starting Item

All Space Frontiers start with a Dart Gun and one Oxygen Canister.

Frontier Mission Process

Step 1: Stabilize the Space Station

At the start game, Frontier must stabilize the space station to smoothly perform their mission.

There are 2 things to stabilize as you process the mission.

Oxygen Supply System to supply oxygen in and Activating Solar panels to power the station which accelerates the energy cube destruction minigame

Step 2: Investigate Cheif Bodies & Loot Mission Item

If you see in your mini-map or map you can see a green ping that shows where the chief bodies are investigating the chief bodies and following the ar navigation. Note that holding the mission key card will expose your location to the Traitor. While you’re on your way always remember to pick up those items for destroying the energy cubes which are Battery, Carbon Fiber, and Sensor.

Step 3: Hack the Cheif’s Cabin

Now you are ready to hack into the chief cabin and play the minigame to hack the chief room.

After hacking the chief room by going to the cabinet you can attain an Energy Cube Transmitter Card which is used for hacking the Transmitter. Follow the green Ar Navigation which will lead to the transmitter.

Step 4: Hack the Energy Cube Transmitter

Now you here, hack the transmitter then you can attain one energy cube and a keystone which is a mission item for traitors. When a traitor gains 10 keystones and escapes you will lose the game. So, it’s good to take it and not give the traitor a chance to complete their mission.

Note that pulling out the last core activates the destruction sequence

Step 5: Load the Energy Cube and 3 items into the Destructor

Pick up the Energy cube and follow the ar navigation which leads to the 2F where you can destroy the energy cube.

Load that energy to the destructor and 3 parts and play the minigame to install the parts for the destructor and you are done

Step 6: Activate Shadd Shuttle Launcher and Escape

When 4 energy cubes are installed to destruct. activate the Shadd Shuttle Launcher and Escape!

Hope Springs Eternal!


Repair the Oxygen

When the game starts run off to fix the Oxygen supply system. If you don’t you die of lack of oxygen.

Loot items as you go

Loot items for the energy cube destructor as you go. It will save you time as you proceed with your task to destroy the energy cube.

Always listen to your surrounding

Traitor will always look for victims to kill to stall your mission process and take what you have.

Fixing the Solar Panels

Always have a trusted friend to look out for you. Because when you are outside in space you are vulnerable to solar panel overload explosions.

Have a weapon on you

Around the map there are weapons pick them up and when someone sus is coming at you protect yourself.

Dart gun is not Trash

Dart Gun can disable traitor from using force takedown or stealth kill.

Because the Traitor died it means the game is done

There is always the chance of a new traitor.

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