Dune: Spice Wars – You Shall Not Pass Achievement Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Screechy!

This is a guide to get the achievement ‘You Shall Not Pass’ in Dune: Spice Wars. This achievement requires you to ‘Own a village with 8 Heavy Militia and 3 Missile Batteries’. I found that there weren’t many guides around for the new achievements and this one in particular took me a bit to put the pieces together. I figured why not post a guide to help others for this achievement.

How to Obtain You Shall Not Pass Achievement

Picking a Faction

  • Pick House Harkonnen.
  • Choose Glossu Rabban and 1 other Councillor.
    • Glossu will give you +1 Militia slot which you will need to get to the 8 total for the achievement. I also normally pick Feyd Rautha for the oppression bonus.

Research Developments

You will need to below developments to get the 8 Militia slots plus an additional Missile Battery along with the Heavy Militia.

Defense Systems

  • +1 Militia Slot
  • +1 Missile Battery Limit

Outpost Logistics

  • Unlocks the Investment Office Village Building

Border Defense

  • +1 Militia Slot
  • Unlocks the Heavy Militia

Village Requirements

Your village will need to have the below traits to allow for you to get the full 8 Militia Slots.

Former Soldiers

  • +1 Militia Slot

Village Buildings

These are the required buildings for the village.

Investment Office

  • +1 instance of the Village’s traits

This will give you an additional Militia Slot for the village bringing the total bonus to +2 Militia Slots.

Military Factory

  • Unlimited Missile Batteries in the Region
  • This will allow you to build as many Missile Batteries as you need (3 Missile Batteries for the achievement).

Getting the Achievement

Once you have the required Research Developments completed and have managed to find a village with the Former Soldiers trait, you should build an Investment Office and the Military Factory.

In the remaining 3 building slots, build Missile Batteries. Fill the 8 Militia slots with Heavy Militia.

You should then get the achievement ‘You Shall Not Pass’.

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