Dwarf Fortress – Digging Deeper Benefits

Whats the point of the building fort at around 30 levels deep.

Why Dig Deeper


They have webs, copious and easy-access gems. Sometimes useful metals. However, building in a cavern is actually much harder to defend, but a well-utilized cavern can make your wealth skyrocket.

Magma Down Lower

Magma makes metalsmithing exceptionally easy, as it removes the need for fuel. This removes a resource cost, as well as removing a logitistical issue of dwarves needing to go get the fuel and bring it to the shop.

Warning! Spoilers!

  • If you’ve been in the metal screens you’ve seen “Make adamantine” so technically a spoiler technically not. Yeah well. That’s down there, and you want it.
  • A super endgame “Test my fortress defense” litmus test.

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