Dwarf Fortress – How to Wrangle a Prisoner Properly

Welcome, do you want to learn how to be a prison warden, or break any sort of ethical standard by letting your dwarves automatically pulp an immobile opponent? You came to the right place.

Guide to Wrangle a Prisoner Properly

How to wrangle stupid green goblins or any other prisoners using ropes, chains, cages:

  • Cage trap that idiot, easily done. Just build a cage trap. It’s seriously that simple.
  • Unforbid the cage so it gets pulled into the stockpile, it’s a trade good now not a person.
  • Open the citizen menu, go to others, select the happy new denizen, go to items.
  • Click the items tab, individually open anything that could potentially hurt your precious population, click the dumpster icon. Things will be pulled from that fool’s grubby hands, straight through the cage (remember to unforbid the gear from your dump zone. Free stuff is free stuff.).
  • Build a pasture zone, add a chain or rope or cage.
  • Assign the dude to the object via the rabbit with a plus sign button (very cute), watch him get beaten.
  • Enjoy subject expiration.
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  1. Real life lore explanation: I couldn’t find a cool transparent PNG for Wendy’s.
    Guide lore explanation: Burger King means MONARCHY and MONARCHY is OPPRESSIVE.

  2. You can save a lot of time and clicks by designating the entire tile the caged prisoner is inhabiting to dump. Just be sure you un-designate the cage itself before your dwarves dump it as well.

  3. The Dwarf Fortress roadmap does mention both prisoners of war, and branding prisoners. As well as falling victim to both of these as an adventurer. I cannot wait for this guide to look tame in the future.

  4. I never thought about assigning caged pests to a pit before, now my badger culling will proceed swiftly!

  5. I never thought about assigning caged pests to a pit before, now my badger culling will proceed swiftly!

  6. Huh some how I had my gobbo escape while we were in the process of selling him. I think I sold only the cage… is that a thing?

    • The selling of SENTIENT prisoners is not an option currently. You can trade tamed animals, though.

      Can’t wait for the Alcatraz Update in 5-8 years so we can actually utilise captives for labour.

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