Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes – Quick Guide on How to Win the First Duel


This guide is to help win with the duel against Seign after the first war battle. To avoid spoilers for people I will refer to them as O for opponent.

I beat this fight at level 22 and using a HP rune by farming near the village you recently went to before the events unfold. Otherwise I had my weapon max upgraded and the best armour I could get.

I do think a bit of RNG is involved with this so if you fail then you will have to redo the whole event again. Reminder that if you hold B on the xbox controller it skips cut-scenes which helped me with attempting this multiple times.

Phase 1

During this first part, you follow a strict order of events.

  • Attack > Counter > Attack > Counter > Break

As far as this battle is concerned, whenever you get the option to break, always take it. It will progress you onto the next phase immediately.

Phase 2

During this phase, you and your opponent will have swapped places and the actions are RNG. Refer to the following table for when to do each action

Nowa: I’m sorry, O, But you’re not getting in my way.Attack
O: Try Me!Counter
O: Here I come Nowa!Counter
O: In the name of House Kesling, I will bring you in line!Counter

As a reminder, whenever you get the break option, use it immediately to progress to the next phase.

Phase 3

You will change scenes for this section and will be under a bridge as you fight, or rather next to it. When you first get to this section, your first two actions are the most important as they give you a buff and your opponent a debuff. As soon as you get here to buff your attack and debuff their attack, do the following actions

  • Attack > Counter

After this, the duel becomes RNG again so follow the next table:

O: Fight harder Nowa!Attack
Nowa: I’ll never win if i stay on the defensive!Attack
O: I will not hold back!Counter
Nowa: He’s tough…Counter

As another reminder, once you get the option to break, break asap to get to the final phase

Phase 4

This final part is scripted again. Once you get to this point you just have to hope you you have enough HP to get through the final part. This event will proceed as following:

  • Counter > Counter > Break!

And with that, you will have completed the first duel.

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