ELDEN RING – Build / Machine Gun Shield

Guide on how to get Machine Gun Shield build. Great build for clearing areas, killing bosses and pvp.


Feel like the Machine Gun Shield Build should get more recognition. What makes this build so good is that you can basically spam the living crap out of it. The weapon is using stamina, instead of FP. Which mean you can use it aslong as you have the incantation “Fire’s Deadly Sin” activated on you. You’ll be able to solo kill bosses without any problem. While you shoting the boss, you wil also be tank enough to take hits from them.

This guide will go in depth on how to get the items required for this build to work, and what stats you need to be able to use this build.


There is three items you need to have, to make this build work:

  • Erdtree Greatshield (obviously)
  • Fire’s Deadly Sin
  • Any sacred seals

The required attributes:

  • Strength: 30
  • Faith: 19
  • Cost: 26 FP

Erdtree Greatshield

Erdtree Greatshield is a shield that scales primarily with strength and faith.

Since this shield it’s a greatshield (which provide the best protection in the game and weigh a decent amount), it works wonders against enemy and boss attacks, since this type of shield works best at reducing damage or guarding instead of parrying. Erdtree Greatshield has a skil named Golden Retaliation: Ready the shield to unleash its protective incantation. The shield will dispel sorceries and incantations, retaliating with golden power.

How to Get the Erdtree Greatshield

The Erdtree Greatshield can be acquired by killing two Tree Sentinels (aka Tree Sentinel Duo) that are located in Altus Plateau, near the Outer Wall Phantom Tree grace.

(Both bosses need to be killed in order for the Erdtree Greatshield to drop into your inventory).

Fire’s Deadly Sin

Fire’s Deadly Sin is an incantation that will cover both the player and its surrounding area with flames. Do note that while the spell is active the player will slowly lose HP.

How to Get the Fire’s Deadly Sin

To get the Fire’s Deadly Sin spell first you need to find a painting at Fortified Manor, First Floor in west Lyendell.

After finding the painting, you will need to find its painter at Windmil Heights southeast overlook. After finding the painting and the painter, he will drop the incantation: Fire’s Deadly Sin.

Sacred Seals

To make this build work, you will need a sacred seal. Sacred seals allow the casting of incantations (in this case: Fire’s Deadly Sin). The easiest sacred seal you can get is Finger Seal, you can buy it from Twin Maiden Husks for 800 runes once you unlock the location Roundtable Hold (alternatively, if you start as a Confessor or Prophet classes you will already start with the item).

The True Master Mind

This guide was made after this chad made a youtube video about it.


  1. This build reminds me of one person… I think this build is inspired by the legend Naofumi herself.

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