Core Keeper – Advanced Tips, FAQ and Progression Guide

This guide includes many useful tips, both basic and advanced, but also includes an FAQ so you don’t get stuck. Also a short section on how to progress and how to find a certain boss. This guide is for the EA-release version.

FAQ, Tips and Progression


Keep in mind items can be traded and people can join your world to help out. Everything can be done solo. So it only depends on personal playstyle. Obviously Spoilers ahead.

Where do i find Scarlet Ore? / How to remove the wall i found?

  • To find Scarlet Ore you have to defeat the first three bosses, insert their items and then talk to the core multiple times until he tells u to touch the outer wall and he will give u a direction where to find Azeos (the fourth boss). After interacting with the wall with ā€žeā€œ you go further in the said direction to get into the wilderness biome where scarlet ore can be found.

How do i make an automated woodfarm?

  • Set up wood seeds and drills but with one tile between them so the wood cn grow. The wood will grow and become harvested. conveyer belts are optional for transportation.

How do i make an automated monster harvesting farm?

  • Make a room with floor tiles where the according monster spawns on. Like slime or crysalis. U can place either traps inside of the room or place conveyerbelts which lead the mobs to a tile with a trap. This tile could also be targeted by a drill so monsters die faster.

Where do i find Azeos?

  • After killing the hive mother you can make an ancient hologram pod at the according core statue. At the hologram you will be able to make a scanner and a one-time summoning item which can be crafted as often as you wish for multiple fights. The feathers lie in the wilderness biome and look blue or yellow. For how to obtain scarlet ore and how to remove the wall scroll top. Summoning him again will be possible after the blue orb dissapears which will needs like 10 minutes.

Where do i find Ivy?

  • It has a more or less fixed distance to the core which is slightly higher than Azeos and also in the wilderness biome. Most likely when Azeos was more west, Ivy will be more east and vice versa. Scanner for Ivy are still in development. Finding Ivy might need some hours but you can find an ancient pickaxe, the best weapon in the game and parts for the second best weapon in the game while searching for him. You will hear him before you see him. Also he is surrounded by slime. Resummoning is possible with the same item that was needed to resummon the first boss.

Where do i find Malugaz?

  • He spawns in the stone biome and also has a more or less fixed distance to the core. It’s about halfway between the distance that Azeos was away and Ghorm was away. He can be summoned with crystal skull shards which you can comine in the hotbar 10 to one to a summoning item. Look for a little room with a throne in it, an opening in the south and no door and indestructible walls. (Though it has another layer of walls in it which you can destroy for more space.) You can destroy/pickup everything in that room. To resummon him you need to farm more crystal skull shards.

How do i defeat hive mother the easiest?

  • With an iron pickaxe and a set of rings (Ring of stone from dirt biome and ring of rock from stone biome) you can mine the hive walls which u can use to trap all spawn points of her adds. Then you can fully focus on the boss.

Where do i find clear gemstone, chipped blade and broken handle?

  • These ingredients are needed for rune song, the strongest sword at the moment which can be crafted with the recipe from the second NPC. Multiple sources have been named including mazes in the stone biome and wilderness biome. But also watch out for little treasure rooms

I found a huge amber with a big Larva inside or a bigmushroom, what shall i do?

  • They can be looted and eaten. Cooked they will give a higher bonus than uncooked depending on the recipe. It will give permanent max hp. Farming them is hard because they are rare and their location can’t be predicted. Just be happy when you get lucky while exploring.

How do i destroy mold walls? What’s the best pickaxe?

  • Ancient pickaxe can be found in the wilderness biome in a treasure room.. Make sure to fully clear it, often it is behind a tree and barely visible. It will oneshot every wall, even hive walls and mold walls.

There is a room i can’t enter in the wilderness biome?

  • Hold a glow tulip in your hotbar/hand and interact with it.

How do i get rune song? What’s the best weapon?

  • Poisonous sickle can be obtained in the wilderness biome from a big bug corpse but also drops rarely from ivy. Rune song can be crafted at the second NPC with broken handle, chipped blade and clear gemstone.

How do i destroy a centain wall?

  • High enough mining damage is what is needed. Greatest bonus comes from better pickaxes. Azeos drops a necklace with mining bonus, Mining in dirt biome gives a ring of stone and mining in the stone biome gives a ring of rock. Larva helm and larva chest (from monsters/bosses/chests in the hive biome inlcuding ghorm) will give mining bonus. There is various food for minor mining dmg up to 12. Bronze Helm give 5% mining bonus. If anybody knows a ppant with mining dmg let me know. Often people get stuck on hive walls or mold. For hive walls you need an iron pickaxe+mining rings for example or a scarlet pickaxe. Mold can only be mined with an ancient pickaxe.

How do i make an NPC move to my base?

  • To make one of the 2 NPC’s which function as shops move in you need a closed room with a door and a size from 44 to 88 with a bed and the NPC-item which is dropped from glurch/ghorm. I always put a chest and some torches in there too, but that might not be needed. You have to move away from the base, then they will spawn into the room.

Progression and Beginners Guide

Most of the game is intuitive, teached by the game or you will stumple upon it and figure it out by yourself. For everything else i made the FAQ. Still to have a littleroadmap for what to to here some hints. Upgrade tools, weapons, buildings and gear on the way.

  1. You are in the dirt biome. Stone is either west or east and clay is in the other direction. Stone biome has iron and clay biome has tin. Tiers and difficulty are: Copper, Tin, Iron, Scarlet. Gold is random and needed for different tiers.
  2. Kill Ghorm, a giant blob quite near to your base. To find him dig around in all 4 directions until u hear him. You can make copper or iron gear before you attack him, but more important is enough food to heal up and a good weapon. Also keeping up a movement buff from food all the time is very important. You can prepare the room by filling holes with dirt ground, mining all walls and digging up slime and killing all monsters.
  3. Make a room for the merchant to move in.
  4. Insert the glurch eye into the statue at the core and craft a scanner for ghorm by interacting with it.
  5. Ghorm is a big worm running in a big circle and destroying everything he touches. You will be slowed a lot, so keep the speed buff 100% up. He will not attack you until u dealth a good amount of damage. So start in front of him and deal as much amagae as possible or he will reset because he will be to far away since he is quite fast. Using a melee weapon is hard because you will get hit a lot. Slingshot might do the trick, but much better is searching for a flintlock musket in the stone biome mazes. They have slightly higher dps, but more important they fire less often, so u dont have to stand still that often for shooting. Spike traps work, but he destroys them, so it’s costly.
  6. Insert Ghorm’s horn in the statue at the core to unlock some cool stuff.
  7. Scan for the hive mother (Scanner can be crafted at the first statue).
  8. Defeating her is hard. But if u have an iron pickaxe and a mining ring set, you can easily kill her. See FAQ->How do i defeat hive mother the easiest? She wont attack until you hit her.
  9. Next 3 Bosses are Azeos, Ivy and Malugaz. How to find them can also be looked up in the FAQ.

If you feel like there was missing something you should have been told, let me know.

Tips and Tricks

Some tips are more basic, some mre advanced.

  • Constantly plant all seeds and water them. Leveling up will increase your seed return rate to 100%, so you can expand your farm and have more food for healing, buffs and bombs.
  • Make a moat around ur whole base, then youll be always save from monsters. When you go out, just place a plank and remove it behind you.
  • Use wooden tools for salvaging at the repair station.
  • Always bring a weapon, a pickaxe, scrap parts, a repair station, wood bridges and a shovel on your journeys. Highly recommended is also movement speed buff food, glow buff food, healing food. If you feel wealthy, also bring healing potions and recall idols.
  • The NPCs restocks after some time. Might be 10 or 20 minutes.
  • Drills can mine huge rocks for several hundrets of ore until depleted and then moved to another deposit. 8 drills can work on one deposit at the same time.
  • Make a funance for each ore.
  • Easiest way to increase sightrange is food which gives up to 10 glow and lanterns in the offhand can add up to 5. It’s additive. Rings give up to 2*4. There is also a quite bad lategame weapon with 2 glow.
  • Pressing shift will swap ur holded tool to torches, if you have any in the inventory as long as u hold shift. You can use this while running or even to place torches quickly.
  • Ranged weapons have low DPS. They only have niche uses for kiting and fighting from a safer spot.
  • Run to hostile enemies and hit them 0-2 times. Their attacks triggers as soon as you are in range. This way you can always kite them because their attack is on cooldown afterwards and you can hit them 1-2 times between their attacks.
  • Upgrade the weapon and the pickaxe first when you unlock a new tier.
  • Shields can increase you armor, but if you have time to block, you most likely would have time to evade. You block while pressing the space bar.
  • All bosses can be resummoned.
  • Watering cans alwas water a 1*1 tile, only the capacity gets bigger.
  • Hoe and shovel also only increases in durability as it seems.
  • Fishing is hard,maybe wait until you have a better fishing rod.
  • Crafted spike traps only damage enemies. Hive spike traps damage everything.
  • You can make new world to farm materials and then reenter your main world. Especially useful when you unlocked drills which can farm tons of ore (for more drills? :D)
  • If you are trading, make a seperate world for that. This way nobody can mess with your stuff.
  • You can make railways to your favourite farming spots and bosses.
  • Make sure to leave space when growing wood. It will spread around the the seed. Harvesting the center of it will give you back the seed but no wood.
  • Sleeping in a bed (moving into it) will heal you up an set your respawn point.
  • Evasion can be stacked to 100% while standing still.
  • Armor reduces incoming damage by up to 75%. So if you have 75 armor and an enemy deals 100, you will receive only 25 damage. Too high or too low armor are both bad.(unless u evade all attacks).
  • Carapace armor will sadly enough only give 24,3% bonusdamage, not 243. šŸ˜€
  • Leveling a skill to 100 gives 5 bonus skill points for that skilltree.
  • Melee combat is leveled per hit.
  • Vitality is leveled per enemy killed.
  • When u hit about 800 seeds you can do full time gardening.
  • There is equipment that can increase your extra harvest chance to about 100%.

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