Elf Sex Farm – Basic Guide for New Players

Please note: all credit goes to redactedSnake!

The game is horribly explained, so I’ll do my best to make things easier for newbies.

Beginners Guide to Basics

Basic Tips/Commands

  • One of your item slots is the equipped slot. Be sure to put your axe there, so you can use it with left click.
  • Placeable items, like the table, have to be selected with right click, then placed with left click.
  • Rabbits and other creatures can be killed with space bar, as long as you have the axe equipped.
  • Once you reach the town, don’t bother selling salads, sell rabbit meat.
  • At night, go home, then select the bedroom and choose “Frontal”. This is a sex scene, and doing it will give you skillpoints. Do it every night, or miss out on them.
  • Salad is a good way to recover stamina, you can eat it with right click.
  • If you want space in your inventory, just drop the item (left click on item then left click on the ground) the girls will pick it up, as long as you are on the “house” map

Basic Walkthrough

  • Talk to the elf girl and select the first option, this starts a quest.
  • Grab the axe from the trunk and equip it.
  • Grab the table and oven and place them near the house.
  • Use the axe on apple trees and grab circular bushes, with both items you can create a salad on the oven.
  • Kill as many rabbits as you can, these are worth $5, and you’re gonna need $120 soon.
  • Go to the north to find the town and talk to the girl on the northwest.
  • Talk to the farm girl on the southeast of the town.
  • You can now go to the forest, which is at the east side of the map.
  • On the forest, go north and click on the tent to watch a sex scene.
  • Kill the kobolds with the axe then grab the item (elf hut).
  • Go to the blacksmith on the far east of the forest to get some tools (hammer and crafting table), be sure to have space on your inventory.
  • Go near your home and place the elf hut.
  • Buy the animal from the farm girl. This is where you need $120.
  • Unlock the skills to craft the elf hut.
  • Use the hammer to destroy the elf hut.
  • Place the crafting table and use it to create the elf hut.
  • You can now craft farmlands.
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