Demons Roots – Stat Boost Item Usage Guide (+ Party Recommendations)

Guide to Stat Boost Item Usage

I recommend checking this only a bit later into the game.

This is pretty close to NG end parties. Before those – you will mostly be forced into the characters you have to use.

Stat Items

  • HP/DEF/MDEF – Ange, only she is taking damage so those are no debate.
  • ATK – I prefer to stack it on Kalinka as she further buffs it in battle.
  • Her eventual best in slot weapon/accessory combo synergizes well with boosting her atk too.
  • LUCK – Lily, she has poison/bleed which need luck.
  • MATK – Sarasa… or Polca. Problem with Sarasa is that she eventually gets too weak to matter.
  • AGI – there aren’t many in the game to matter much, best use I found is if you don’t plan to reach lvl 99 – Naj/Lily level gap might become too high resulting in Naj doing buff after Lily already moves. A few agi boosts will solve a lvl gap.
  • Max MPdon’t really matter…

Random Encounter Party

  • Kalinka.
  • Lily.
  • Polca.
  • Sarasa.

Kalinka can take down 1 target pretty much near guaranteed with good weapons.

Lily/Polca can both equip whips which hit whole enemy party. And both also have potentially good single target damage as well.

Sarasa is amazing early while your basic attack weapons are not too good yet.

Boss Party

  • Ange.
  • Naj.
  • Kalinka.
  • Lily.

Ange is no brainer – her main role is stacking loads of evasion while having high defensive stats on top of that and being able to upkeep double def/mdef buff on herself while at it.

Naj can heal but his goal is mainly his crit buff and all stat buff. His crit buff is ~20-30% chance increase at least and crits themselves usually deal ~3-4 times more damage depending on enemy stats.

This is simply more efficient than having a 3rd character who can attack.

Kalinka is best physical damager in the game. While game says that her buffs stack – they only stack additively, so you only want to use one. Best damage per turn increase one is MEGA(not giga) buster.

Lily is weaker than Kalinka as phys dmger but has a lot of utility in form of bleed/poison/debuffs.

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